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    i_icon_id client since RC1


    since RC1 update i can t find where to change the icon of a client of my server...

    I can change an existing icon from someone but i can t put to a client a icon.

    The permission overview has changed and i couldn t find this if someone could explain or link me a post where it s explained i ve not found this on the forum

    Thanks very much.

    (sorry for my little poor english i hope you ll understand )

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    Settings > Options > Application > Misc > ... checkbox "Advanced permissions system"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jicao
    i ve not found this on the forum
    Next time please search better, this is a sticky thread :

    Don't forget to read the change log when you update your client....

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    ok thank you very much
    i was searching for i_icon_id and not about permissions missing :x

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    But you can't add this permission without the advanced permissions dialog.
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