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    i have don this by using firedaemon.
    Great tool to run services

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    To install Teamspeak 3 as a server - srvany.exe works pretty well too - so long as you add the correct registry keys. Its a free utility from microsoft. You should have some basic know-how of the registry and dos commands to use it, but I'll explain it all step by step (this was mostly drawn from other tutorials on the internet + this forum)

    1) Install teamspeak3 server (by extracting the downloaded zip file to a suitable directory on your computer. Lets assume that's C:\teamspeak3 ) Make sure it works ok (and you can connect with a client) just by running the teamspeak exe, but exit the program from the tray icon when you are ready to continue...
    2) Download Srvany.exe and Instsrv.exe - These can be found in the "Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools" (search microsoft download center)
    3) copy both of these exe files to the same directory as the teamspeak3 executable
    4) Open a command prompt (Start, run "cmd" )
    5) Change directory to the teamspeak 3 directory (eg: cd C:\teamspeak3 )
    6) Use Instsrv to install the srvany service by typing: Instsrv.exe "Teamspeak 3 service" C:\teamspeak3\Srvany.exe
    7) Configure the srvany service in the registry editor (usual note about being careful in the registry - and no liability accepted if you break stuff.) Click Start, run "regedit" )
    8) Navigate to the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Teamspeak 3 service
    9) From the Edit menu, click New -> Key. Type the following:

    Key Name: Parameters
    Class : <leave blank>

    10) Select the Parameters key

    11) From the Edit menu, click New -> String Value. Type the following:

    Value Name: Application
    Data Type : REG_SZ
    String : C:\teamspeak3\ts3server_win32.exe

    12) From the Edit menu, click New -> String Value. Type the following:

    Value Name: AppDirectory
    Data Type : REG_SZ
    String : C:\teamspeak3

    13) Find the service named "Teamspeak 3 service" in the services manager (Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services)
    14) Right click on the service and select properties
    15) Under the "Log On" tab make sure "Local System account" is selected.
    16) Under the "General" tab make sure the Startup type is set to "Automatic"
    17) Click OK
    18) Right click on the service and select "Start"

    DONE! (The service should start without any errors, and you should now be able to connect to the server with a client assuming there is no firewall blocking communications. The service will remain running when no user is logged in and will auto-start when the computer starts)

    Note you can use the instsrv.exe utility to remove the service too if you need to (eg teamspeak 3 is to be removed)
    To do this you type Instsrv.exe "Teamspeak 3 service" REMOVE

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    The following worked for me on an old Windows XP 32 machine.
    I give credit to FrankB from a TeamSpeak 2 post in 2005.
    Edited for TS3

    First, you will need two(2) freely available Microsoft programs in order to set up your service.
    - instrv.exe
    - Srvany.exe

    Instsrv.exe is the program used to create a Windows service
    Srvany.exe is a program that allows other programs to run as a service.
    These files are available from Microsoft's Windows Resource Kit, or from the web
    To acquire them you can try here as a starting point, but as MS moves things around so much be prepared to look around on the site

    And that you have some idea about paths and directories.
    You are familier with registry editing on the windows platform.

    ok lets try this...

    Step 1.
    Put Instsrv.exe and Srvany.exe in your Teamspeak directory.

    Step 2.
    From the Start button, go to Run, then type cmd. This will open a command window, change to your Teamspeak directory by typing
    cd C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win32
    then ENTER

    (if step 2 was hard to follow think about leaving now, understanding paths is important)

    Step 3.
    Ok you made it...

    Type> instsrv Teamserver "C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win32\srvany.exe" and press ENTER.
    This creates a service called "Teamserver". You can use a different service name if you want. but why would you?

    If the process is successful, you'll see something like the following message:

    CreateService SUCCESS at creating: Teamserver.

    Step 4.
    -Open Regedit by clicking Start->Run, then typing regedit and pressing ENTER.
    -Navigate to the following registry key:

    Step 5.
    Now we need to tell Windows where, what, and how..
    as in what application and where is it....

    In the left pane of the registry window, click on the Teamserver key.
    Then, in the right pane, right-click and choose NEW -> KEY
    Name the key Parameters

    Step 6.
    In the newly-created Parameters key, right-click and choose NEW -> STRING VALUE
    Name the value AppDirectory

    Step 7.
    In the newly-created Parameters key, right-click and choose NEW -> STRING VALUE
    Name the value Application

    Step 8.
    Double-click on the String Value "AppDirectory". This will bring up the Modify dialog box. Set the value for

    AppDirectory to
    C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win32

    Step 9.
    Double-click on the String Value "Application" Set the value for Application to
    C:\Program Files\teamspeak3-server_win32\ts3server_win32.exe

    Step 10.
    Close Regedit

    Step 11.
    Open the Services application to modify the service settings (in XP, Start->Settings->Control Panel, Double

    click Administrative Tools, Double click Services). In Services you should see Teamserver, double click on it

    to open its properties.

    Set 'Startup type' to Automatic then click on the Log On tab.
    In Log On..
    uncheck the box that says "Allow service to interact with desktop". We don't need to see that opening screen,

    no matter how sweet it is.
    It will run fine as a Local System account. (The security aware will run it under a restricted account, but

    that is for the paranoid and beyond the scope of this note)

    You can now click back on the 'General' tab to test the startup of your server. Click the 'start' button and

    the server should start up.

    If it does not, you probably entered something wrong in the registry (path, executable location, etc). Go back

    through steps 4-10 and make sure all the paths are correct,and watch out for typos.

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    Windows Service Wrapper

    I wrote a small wrapper around the TeamSpeak executable that allows you to run TeamSpeak directly as a Windows service. You can install the wrapper in less than two minutes using Windows SC.exe and your up and running.

    In my opinion, this is the simplest and most efficient way to run TeamSpeak as a Windows service.

    I've been testing the service on a Windows 2008 R2 (IIS 7.5) server, and so far it seems to be very reliable, so I have attached a copy of the binaries, together with the Visual Studio source code, to this message, and would be happy to assist you in installation, if you need it.

    You can download the wrapper at:

    If you decide to use it, please let me know if it's working well for you.


    Fred Chateau

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    Question AutoStart TS3 On Windows Server

    hi guys

    just spent a bit of time trollin threw the forums looking for this answer but always seem to end up in teamspeak 2 or linux forums or references to using it on your home computer.

    i have a windows server running teamspeak 3 ,everything works fine except, everytime the server restarts or reboots , i have to manually log into the server and restart my teamspeak server as it wont autostart. as im not always available to do this straight away no one is able to access the server.

    is there a way of gettin the windows box to auto restart the teamspeak ?

    if so could some one explain how as im unsure exactly what i ment to be doing to get it to do so.

    thanks in advance

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    All the people recommending third-party apps to do this or making batch files or adding things to the registry and whatnot.

    Just use the Windows Task Scheduler. That's what I do and it comes with Windows.

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    whs 2011

    i would like ts open with windows in service for start without login

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