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    Solved I lost server admin permissions by accident.

    How do i get it back?
    I was editing server admin group, and i copied permissions from "user" group by accident, now server admin have users permissions.
    How can i make new group with all privileges ?
    I hope someone can help me.
    Oh, and i have acces to server_query.
    also i've tried some tutorials and i created user
    serveradmin with client id =1 server id =0
    client unique id = serveradmin
    client login name = serveradmin
    client password = (its encoded)
    login serveradmin etc...
    in table clients.

    Can you help me?

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    Here is your answer It helps you to get a new password.

    Please us e our serach function!!
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    I know the password, i already saw this topic.
    I EDITED Admin group, and it dont have admin permissions now.
    how do i create new group with all permissions while i dont have any permissions ?
    I have acces to server query.

    nevermind, i fixed it.
    I installed webinterface by psychokiller, and i added myself to Query Server Admin group (wich i could't see in client)
    anyways it worked - now i can edit every group and i have all permissions.
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