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    Question TS3 server/client prob

    hey i got some problems my client wont allow me to join my ts3 server it tells me this

    Trying to connect to server on

    Failed to connect to server

    first when u used it today worked fine with my friend and after my mom did do somthing with the router and we lost connection it stop to work :S
    not even my friend is able to log in
    i have try reinstall client/server nothing there and same thing with the ports still not working i did even do portcheck and they are open :S some1 help me ?
    ports - 8765/8766

    and yes i have already search on the forum but i did not find anything :S and i did also reallow the firewall with the server / client

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    The IP you posted looks like your WAN IP. If you are on the network with the server you need the LAN IP address. Normally these start 192.168.X.X. Most routers will not allow you to use an external IP address to connect to a device within your own network.

    Are you using TS2 or TS3 because the ports you talk about appear to be for TS2? Did the IP address to the computer hosting the server change?

    This thread may be of use:

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    i have ts3 and the ports did work before and that ip i ahve there is from
    let me try this ports on the link u gave me and try it work

    the ports working tnx alot
    my friend i know he told me this 2 ports i need to open the server and it did work first! and now not he got ts3 also so idk XD haha but its working now tnx
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