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    Cool SNMP Monitoring - Orion SolarWinds

    I am running net-snmp on Debian 6 (Squeeze) and am monitoring my Linux server via a remote network monitoring server running Orion/SolarWinds. I am able to monitor CPU processes and network interface details, like bandwidth utilization and the like. I am trying to find out how to track how many users are connected on the TS3 server. I am totally new to TS in general, so I have no idea how the back-end mechanics work.

    Does the server spawn a new ts3server_linux_x86 process with each user that connects or should I be looking at connections on the network interface or what is a clever way to go about monitoring this?

    Most other solutions I've seen were tailor made to a specific NMS platform, like Munin/Cacti/Nagios, so I'm looking for more broad, general info on what conditions change when users connect that I might be able to monitor.

    Thanks for any help and feel free to point me to a page of documentation or forum post that answers my question if I didn't search hard enough

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    clientsonline=`(echo use 1; echo serverinfo; echo quit) | nc localhost 10011 | tr ' ' '\n' |grep virtualserver_clientsonline| awk -F = '{ print $2 }'`
    queryclientsonline=`(echo use 1; echo serverinfo; echo quit) | nc localhost 10011 | tr ' ' '\n' |grep virtualserver_queryclientsonline| awk -F = '{ print $2 }'`
    clients=$(($clientsonline - $queryclientsonline))
    echo $clients
    (echo use 1; echo serverinfo; echo quit) | nc localhost 10011 | tr ' ' '\n' |grep virtualserver_maxclients| awk -F = '{ print $2 }'
    that's the script i use to gather information on current clients on a specific virtualserver (#1 in this case) i use mrtg to invoke this script and monitor client count over time

    clientsonline is the number of ALL clients connected
    queryclientsonline is the number of clients on the serverqueryport (the script itself for instance)
    clients is the number of "real" voice clients

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