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    Teamspeak Server, Ubuntu Server 10.04.2 x86 LTS Start on boot, problem?

    Just to make it clear already, I am a complete rookie on Linux.

    I've recently decided to put my web server on Linux and also thought I could put my Teamspeak 3 Server there as well. But I'm starting to consider giving up Teamspeak on Linux, as I simply cannot get things to work properly.

    I want the TS server to start whenever the server start (and if possible restart if ts crash, but that's not top priority right now.)

    After a few hours I've seem to have the start on boot working. When the server start I can connect and stay connected for a couple of minutes, but then I get disconnected and can't connect again. Usually I even have to restart the server to get TS working again.

    Any advice? I'm kinda losing my hope on this.

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    Exactly the same

    Hi there.

    I can report you the same problem.

    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x86 System, Installation normal, autostart function in use.
    Exactly after 5 minutes the TS-Server crashes an get the following message in the logfile:
    "CRITICAL|NET | | AddToSet epoll_ctl fail with 1"
    Searched the web for help, but didn't find something working for me, may u want giving the following a try:

    For some people it helps when u use the following commands:

    update-rc.d -f teamspeak remove
    update-rc.d teamspeak defaults 99
    For my Server it won't help. May u can make some guess what to do. I tried the following threads for installing ts3:

    Need further help.
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    i've done it.
    have a look

    I tried the first one

    you should try to add following lines to /etc/hosts file:
    hope it helps u 2

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