First I would like to suggest some options for making Teamspeak better than it already is.

1 - In creating the channel. I do not see an option that determines whether the group can create only channel or sub - channels. I see by checking the permissions " B_channel_create_child " "create_permanent...." and he has the power to create channels and sub ​​- channels. I suggest the following: create only channel and channel without creating sub -channel. And create sub - channels without the power to create channel! Why? I give an example: If I want a certain group can only create sub - channels, like for example the group of the Canal
" Channel Admin ". I want this group can only create sub - channels within the room in which he is " Channel Admin "

2 - Another option I'd like to see, I determine that this group Channel Admin can only create a channel or several channels with limited slots, I determine how many slots in this group can create channels. hope you can understand me.

3 - Another option I'd like to see. Option in which this can by Admin Channel Icons in rooms directly. Well I tried (not sure if I did something wrong ) But I tried and I could not see a permission to effect this option, Cause I'd like you create and b_icon_manage_power b_icon_manage_needed_power.

4 - plugin for a particular message automatically.

5 - Another option would be options of a TS3 server, we could directly edit the TS3 client = Edit Virtual Server. For example: Badnickname Etc.

6 - BBcode with more options when editing description of a room.
Ex: Option For a YouTube video in smaller screen.
and also with suggestions of BBcode to open the description for edition

Sorry, ignore case and some of my suggestions already exists!
Pesso apologize for my bad English. I used the google translator!