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    Exclamation Microphone failure in TS

    I have an intergrated microphone for a HP pavillion dv6 laptop. It's four months old and I've not once bashed or dropped my laptop.

    Recently my microphone slowly stopped working in teamspeak in the space of two days. Randomly my microphone started to echo in teamspeak for no reason whilst I was just talking to people. To be specific it happened exactly when I started recording something and finished. The next day my microphone had degraded in teamspeak to make it seem I was underwater whilst speaking with the echo.

    In testing on capture settings I spent a good hour getting nowhere. At times I would sound perfect and clear and sometimes I would have an echo whilst speaking. Even without speaking and just holding my hotkey down I've heard a horrible screeching and echoing noise coming from it.

    I updated my teamspeak and the problem still was consistent. I uninstalled and then reinstalled to no avail. I also chose to use two other microphones that are not internal and they repeated the same behavior as my intergrated microphone.

    I decided to test my microphone using the 'recorder' found on your computer. I recorded myself and found I spoke clearly without no echo.

    I have been given the name nemo and I want to find a solution

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    Can no one help? :\

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    Are you on a wireless connection? Can you post a screenshot of your CAPTURE settings? What OS are you using?

    Most likely cause of your echo/screeching is feedback from your mic picking up noise/voice and then your speakers putting that voice out for you to hear but the mic picks it up to create an infinite loop causing echos that eventually turn into screeches.

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    hey i joined just to post that i have just bought my new pavilion dv6 and i am getting the extact same problem so if you find a sollution to this could you please email me directly at ***** i would be very thankfull and good luck getting your's fixxed.
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