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    My server isnt on ServerList

    Hey i have teamspeak3 run on linux dedicated server, option "Enable reporting to server list" is on, but my server stii is not on server list.
    This is IP to connect:

    Any one know why?

    Best regards.

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    Check the settings of privilege.

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    April 2011
    with one privalages should be on to show my server in that list and for with one group?

    Is that need open some udp or tcp port on the firewall (2010 UDP)?
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    The port for weblisting is TPC port 2010... not UDP. Outgoing traffic on port 2010 must be allowed for your server to register itself in the weblist.

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    so with iptables firewall is:
    iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 2010 -j ACCEPT

    I was opened that port and my server still is not on the list maby some person from support can help me?

    How can I be sure, check that sending information from server to web server list?
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    sorry for duble post but i realy need help for that issue, support please join to that topic...
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