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    Record multiple channels to separate files simultaneously

    I know it's a tricky request, probably impossible.

    when playing TDM style matches, you sometime want to record the other teams comms as well as yours, to allow better debrief later.

    having the option to do so, record two channels to two files would be a great help.
    of course it should be an option that you need to enable on the channel (allow users to record channel from the outside) and possibly even from a all muted client - no mic, no speaker (so no one can listen in while game is in session).

    two tabs recording is a fair solution (have a second client, connect to both channels). but I can't mute while recording (it only records what I hear - straight off the output)

    any chance for that?

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    heh.. record other channel, =)) good idea. Records creating successfully (2 wav's). Record with Ğdisabled / muted playback deviceğ creating EMPTY wav (44 bytes) — Device is disabled, and nothing is recordered.
    You can start a second client with "-nosingleinstance", connect to the server with other UID (if max clones =\), join that channel, set volume for Playback profile of NEW client window to -15 or less, disable / mute microphone, and record. After recording Normalize the record with Auido editing program (Sound Forge, Nero Wave Editor).

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