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    Alphahusky Guest

    Post TS3 Admin Retriever Software (Get TS3 Admin again in 3 easy , fast steps.)

    I put some software together last night because a friend had transferred his TS3 files from one install to the next and for whatever reason, lost his Server Admin powers.

    This software is very quick and easy.
    1. Upload your ts3server.sqlitedb file
    2. Select your Unique ID
    3. Right click the download link and save as ts3server.sqlitedb

    That's it!
    Limit: 5mb filesize (I don't have a 100mbps connection )
    Link => *******

    All databases and file names are encrypted with my own algorithm while on the server.
    Download links are only good for 24 hours. After that, the file is deleted automatically.

    I may consider releasing the source to the right candidate. Although, at the moment, the source will only be available to Teamspeak Systems if they so choose.

    Edit by Mod
    This question has been answered many times on this forum, using the query command.
    It's absolutely not recomended to make a changes directly on the database file for that.

    (Add, the download link don't work)
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