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    PTT stops working after a while (in game) and client shows "not responding"

    Using Windows Vista 64 SP2

    Playing Black Prophecy

    Frequently while playing (most often after about 10 minutes) I discover that I can no longer transmit (PTT) though I can hear others just fine. When I alt-tab out the TS3 window is blank. I can either click the X to close it and restart it (then it's fine for a while again) or alt-ctrl-del and it is listed as "not responding" though I can still hear people just fine.

    I have tried running as administrator, still does the same.

    I'm using PTT on a USB mouse, the headset is also USB. Frequency of this failure seems a bit random but happens frequently.

    Just now made another strange observation. I un-installed TS3 20 minutes ago, I just noticed that the TS3 icon still was showing on the task bar (bottom right). I clicked the arrow to expand and there were about 7 TS3 icons. The task bar immediately collapsed on its own and each time I expanded it there was one less Icon, I repeated this until they were all gone.

    Currently going to re-install in hopes that it will fix the problem.


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    June 2011
    Still have the same problem, the client locks up frequently while in game (black prophecy). I'm the only one with this problem in my clan.

    Please help =)

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