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    MySQL bug with channel descriptions

    Channel descriptions only have a length of 255 characters after restart.

    Fix: Chance Typ of channel_properties.value to text.
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    Can someone explain me how exactly I have to modify this files? Where are they? thx

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    Are you updating 5 years after that update was released? Then please stop hosting a server now.

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    .... I was just trying to find something to increase the limit in channel description

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcazar View Post
    We have extended the channel description months ago and it still works...

    @Stefan: ANSI is not a DBMS but an Organisation for Standards, like our DIN.
    Hey man,

    i tryed to edit db structure but by what i understand i have to change value of column value to varchar (65 000) but it will change for all fields, is it corect? is there any way to change only for description value?

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