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    [outdated] Just Submitted: TS3 AntiMove

    TS3 AntiMove plugin.

    Currently awaiting approval and only works for Linux (Windows port coming soon), but should satisfy some of you who have the same problem I did which forced me to make this.

    On my server, I have some very good RL friends who are server admins. They like to make channels with goofy names and move each other (including myself) into those channels when we aren't paying attention or are AFK. This plugin attempts to solve that.

    Basically, if someone tries to move you.. it moves you BACK to the channel you were in and then move THEM into the channel they tried to stick you in.

    Obviously, you need at least client move powers. Also obvious, there may be some bugs I need to hammer out so if you try this, please report them to me.

    Thanks and have fun in TeamSpeak!

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    sounds like fun, when both people use this plugin^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfxxl View Post
    sounds like fun, when both people use this plugin^^
    Or the server runs a bot which moves away or muted clients :P .

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    I bet it will not work on passworded channels for clients without ignore channel password permissions.....

    I have a plugin with similar function (minus the moving them there part) that works on all supported client platforms already.

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    Does not work anymore. Requires API 13.
    Hope it comes quickly update =)


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    Anti Move for newest API

    The old plugin I used doesnt work for a long time now, anyone got a new Anti Move Plugin? Just so i Rubberband back to my channel instantly

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    Why not using an alternative like Wood-IT AntiMove?
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