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    Duel profiles for TeamSpeak 3 on a computer.

    Here is the problem: I am in the same clan as someone else that uses my computer. But, I am a higher ranking and I am allowed administration powers on the teamspeak, but he isn't. I have to every once in a while ask to have them given back to me. The Identities do not work. Is there anyway to have something like a separate profile? It does not need to be passworded, just anything would help. To where when we connect, on his profile, no admin powers, but when I login under mine, I would have admin powers.

    Please help!
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    By default, the Teamspeak client installation process, create a sensible files (hotkey, bookmark, identity, etc) on your user folder (on your operating system).

    Like every software, if you don't want that the other people use it, create a password on your operating system session.

    Other way (if you don't want set a password session), you can export your identity (Settings > Identities > Export) and delete it when you leave you computer.
    And re import it when you want use Teamspeak.
    (no really simple )

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    What florian is trying to say is when you install Teamspeak 3 you should set it that User files, which includes hotkeys, bookmarks, identities, etc, be saved to the logged-in user's directory rather than the teamspeak install directory. You should then make sure this other person uses his own separate computer login so that when he uses teamspeak he will be recognized as a different person

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    Thanks for the help, I have to re-install a few games but it works out.

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