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    Always get disconected when in WoT+Team Speak or Skype

    Yeah. Title says all. When im ingame World of Tanks and skypeing or in TS, the conenction cuts off for a few seconds and i get the message "connection lost Click ok for reconenct" and also my skype or ts connection cuts for a few secs. All that happens every hour or something. Then The conenction comes again , but until that my whole internet connection is cut off. Never had this with battlefield or something and when im playing WoT ALONE, with no skype or ts, it also works fine. Any ideas??? Kinda f*cks me up.

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    What client version do you use and did it work fine before? Maybe your connection is slow and many suers in your channel start to talk?
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    Well i use the the latest Version i think (Version: 3.0.0-rc2 [Build: 14642] on Windows) and my internet connection is fast enough, never had any probs with other games + TS3.
    But i guess it has to do with WoT, because i have the same issue with WoT + skype.

    #Edit: Its also strange that my whole NETWORK conenction disconected for a few seconds, like the Router went Off cause of to many data or something.
    Had the same thing on two different Routers, so its not the Router.

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