Hi! First time poster, only started reading here recently.

Me and a friend are working on a multiplayer project with the Unity game engine and have so far managed to use the SDK to program a server/client that works with PTT and all the basics.

What we want to do now is implement 3D sound. The idea is basicly that we can hear the direction of the other avatars in game when they speak, and the further away they are the less we can hear from them. Face-to-face talking, just in the game.

I've been looking into the client documentation that comes with ts3_sdk_3.0.0-beta6 and it could be a bit more detailed regarding the 3D sounds.

My question was, does the configuration of the other clients in a channel only apply to my own client?
If I have all clients connected to a server set their position via ts3client_fmod_Systemset3DListenerAttributes(), does the server know where each user is or do these settings only apply clientside? Which would mean that to maintain the current in-game location of every player, each player would have to know the location of all others and set their in-game sound like that.

Anybody have any experience with the 3D functions or knows where I could get more detailed information?

Kind regards,