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    Create new channel

    Hello @all,
    im new in c++ and im using the TS3 SDK to create new channels but it doesn't work.

    If i call the function "createchannel" with all arguments for the function ill get the following error: "Setting invalid flag in setChannelVariablesAsInt", Error creating channel: 1538.

    Here is a snipped of the code that i use:

    #define CHECK_ERROR(x) if((error = x) != ERROR_ok) { goto on_error; }
    int createChannel(uint64 scHandlerID, uint64 parentChannelID, const char* name, const char* topic, const char* description, const char* password, int codec, int codecQuality, int maxClients, int familyMaxClients, int order, int perm, int semiperm, int default_new){
    	unsigned int error;
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsString(scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_NAME,name));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsString(scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_TOPIC, topic));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsString(scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_DESCRIPTION, description));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsString(scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_PASSWORD, password));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsInt   (scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_CODEC, codec));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsInt   (scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_CODEC_QUALITY, codecQuality));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsInt   (scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_MAXCLIENTS, maxClients));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsInt   (scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_MAXFAMILYCLIENTS, familyMaxClients));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsInt   (scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_ORDER, order));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsInt   (scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_FLAG_PERMANENT, perm));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsInt   (scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_FLAG_SEMI_PERMANENT, semiperm));
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_setChannelVariableAsInt   (scHandlerID, 0, CHANNEL_FLAG_DEFAULT, default_new));
    	  /* Flush changes to server */
    	CHECK_ERROR(ts3client_flushChannelCreation(scHandlerID, parentChannelID));
    	return 0;  /* Success */
    	printf("Error creating channel: %d\n", error);
    	return 1;  /* Failure */
    To call the function i use this:

    It would be nice if someone can help me to fix this problem.

    Big thanks.

    See Ya!

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    I did the test and it didn't worked also, BUT
    just comment the line where you set the order variable and it will work.

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