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    ToDo List Force Unsubscribe on Move?

    Okay, we have a channel set up that only folks of the highest security level can Subscribe to. Only they can move themselves or others in or out. Other people can't join it. Other people can't see who is in that channel.

    This is all working fine and how we want it, EXCEPT:

    If admin (our highest security level) moves someone into that channel for a while, and then back out, since they were subscribed to the channel when they were pulled in, they remain subscribed and thus can still see into the channel. If they disconnect from server and reconnect, they can't see in anymore, but we don't want to boot them from the server whenever we move them out of the channel. Is there anyway to make it unsubscribe them when they are moved out, or even a way for admin to manually unsub someone from a channel?

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    This is a bug and not a wanted behavior. Normally the channel can't get subscribed while he is in that channel. And he can't subscribe it from outside. But it seems that the Glance button ignores the i_channel_needed_subscribe_power.

    I made a ticket for that.
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