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    Angry TS3 fails to connect

    Hi guys, well im sure you have heard all this before, but a couple of my lads are having difficulty in joining our TS3, and they used to with no problems before but since the last update they haven't been able to, all the details are correct server address is correct, server password is correct, default channel is correct and the channel password is correct but they get the error that the server password is incorrect? why?

    here is one of the lads complete log file:-

    2011-06-28 16:36:42.588000|INFO | | | Logging started, clientlib version: 3.0.0-rc2 [Build: 14642]
    2011-06-28 16:36:42.641000|DEBUG |Direct Sound | | setting timer resolution to 1ms
    2011-06-28 16:36:42.817000|INFO | | | Registering plugin command id: {0c80b6b3-d5ea-474b-abb2-1eb9e1a38c3b} appscanner_plugin
    2011-06-28 16:36:42.839000|INFO |Query | | listening on
    2011-06-28 16:36:42.840000|INFO | | | Registering plugin command id: {3a4bd3d5-c138-45f7-9eb2-da5bd9a64753} clientquery_plugin
    2011-06-28 16:36:43.080000|INFO | | | Registering plugin command id: {7dc3f141-0809-488d-8c63-b50e7ba32cd7} dx_overlay_plugin
    2011-06-28 16:36:43.127000|INFO | | | Registering plugin command id: {22da95e8-da89-40b2-8eae-e0ee4563a463} lua_plugin
    2011-06-28 16:36:43.140000|INFO | | | Registering plugin command id: {536852ac-743e-448a-a03d-3356eab4363a} test_plugin
    2011-06-28 16:36:43.437000|INFO |GenericPlayback| | STOPWATCH1 closePlaybackDevice: 0 ms -1
    2011-06-28 16:36:43.654000|INFO |Input | | Input device name: Mouse
    2011-06-28 16:36:43.654000|INFO |Input | | Input device name: Keyboard
    2011-06-28 16:36:44.312000|INFO |ClientUI | | TeamSpeak 3 client version: 3.0.0-rc2 [Build: 14642]
    2011-06-28 16:36:44.312000|INFO |ClientUI | | Qt version: 4.7.2
    2011-06-28 16:36:44.312000|INFO |ClientUI | | Using configuration location: C:/Users/Tony/AppData/Roaming/TS3Client/ts3clientui_qt.conf
    2011-06-28 16:36:44.357000|INFO |ClientUI | | Last update check was: Tue Jun 28 15:09:44 2011
    2011-06-28 16:37:08.958000|INFO |GenericPlayback| | STOPWATCH1 closePlaybackDevice: 0 ms -1
    2011-06-28 16:37:08.958000|DEBUG |Windows Audio Session| | WAS:penDevice-enter
    2011-06-28 16:37:08.993000|DEBUG |Windows Audio Session| | WAS:penDevice-leave
    2011-06-28 16:37:09.041000|INFO |GenericPlayback| | STOPWATCH1 int

    he is running windows vista and all ways has and it has worked before, the last update, he has since then uninstalled and re-installed time and time again, and as you can see he has the current rc2 version from your site
    any help and suggestions would be great, cheers

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    You should try to remove the server password for a while to test it without. Maybe someoen has changed it and your server group is allowed to ignore passwords.
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