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    Quote Originally Posted by Godko View Post
    I know that, but what permission? I don't know what permission #144 is.
    Yatqa --> connect and select the virtual server --> Permissions --> Select a Server Group, for example, and in the search field, bottom-right, indicate the number 144 and enter.

    In my server appears "i_group_auto_update_max_value" and as @numma_cway comments it doesn't make sense, then better try with your own virtual server because the permission ID depends of the version you are running.

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    RedeemerTS3 automatically calls that function to resolve the permission, and displays the number only if that fails. Therefore, this won't help. Therefore, he doesn't have the permissions for that feature either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakynrw View Post
    Nur was mache ich falsch
    1. Asking in German

    2. Editing only the server template

    3. Not selecting a virtual server

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    tried to connect with this tool. and it says " connection failed, you are banned. error code: 3329"

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizYq View Post
    tried to connect with this tool. and it says " connection failed, you are banned. error code: 3329"
    Well if you are banned this fact has nothing to do with the tool.

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    If this comes when you try to log in for the first time, then I agree with PotaBlava.
    If not: RTFM!

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    addon site is down where can I get the latest English version please.

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    Today, I'm releasing YaTQA 2.0-pre. While the addons site is down, you can download it here. I've decided to drop plans for v1.4 and head for 2.0 instead. This is a preview release of this. As a preview release, no other translations but German and English are included yet. This is due to the sudden release tonight.

    Please note that this version is no longer working for large servers unless registred. You can register by donating or telling me why you don't want to donate. For NPL users, this is still free. 2.0 final is planned to have passive features for registered users only. If you donated in the past, you of course get a key.

    If you are asking what has changed, here’s the complete changelog:
    • Removed unnamed link button caption
    • Icon cache
    • Notes for the icon cache feature:
      • The feature can be enabled in the settings. A restart is required.
      • There is also option to only use icons from the server you are on.
      • Icons must have the correct filename (matching their CRC32) to be cached. Using the icon replace feature in YaTQA produces icons with invalid (non-matching) names, so do other tools that generally use random names (e.g. Psychokiller’s web interface).
      • Icons must have the correct file size to be loaded.

    • Notes for the icon cache file format:
      • The file is named icons.res and is located in the folder with your yatqa.ini.
      • As always, JN-GAMES tries to use known formats instead of inventing new ones. Therefore, YaTQA’s icon cache feature uses Microsoft’s Compiled Resource File Format. This format is fully linear and can be written from start to end, as there is no header for file count and archive size.
      • The old 16-bit version of the format is used for performance reasons (only Ansi filenames, no additional properties per file, no 4-byte fillups for data and names).
      • There are very few applications that support this old format. One known example is Visual Studio (at least the 2010 Version supports YaTQA’s icon cache), which however does not recognize the file format of the items inside (because the groups are not named after their actual file format but after the server UID).
      • It was originally planned to use the resource name (which can be either a string or “ÿ” followed by a Word) as Word type for the lower two bytes and the subsequent flags for the higher two bytes of the DWord icon name. Storing custom data in the two flag bytes or setting the highest bit of the resource name Word keeps Visual Studio from loading the files. Therefore, the name is stored as a string instead, which needs more performance and space.

    • Added whoami fallback if serverinfo fails
    • Added support for Windows Aero Glass (there is also a legacy option in the settings that makes the tool look nearly like before)
    • Removed bookmark save warning from tab change (changes don’t get lost here since the new tab system that has been in place since ages, so clicking “no” simply had no effect)
    • After mass-creating snapshots, the frames are now reset. Using the feature after viewing the template server’s configuration/“statistics” previously hid all actual statistics.
    • Removed creation date from statistics tab for server templates, as this value is no longer set in current server versions (in previous versions, it was the instance start time)
    • Clarified the label of the username edit box in the settings dialog
    • Fixed a bug that caused the channel icon selection to default to the talk power (lol!) instead of the previous icon
    • As some clients from the United Kingdom seem to return GB while other return UK as their country, the flag has been duplicated
    • Fixed a bug that allowed replacing default icons
    • Fixed a bug that caused an unused instance of the treeview selection window to be in memory
    • Single snapshot creation and deployment now also use YaTQA’s Snapshots folder
    • Instead of saving an empty string after deleting the comment of a server, the entry is now deleted.
    • The default button for the confirmation when deleting channel groups is now “No”, like it is for server groups
    • The following features are now locked and must be unlocked in the settings in order to use them:
      • Changing the query port
      • Deleting server groups ≤ 5 or channel groups ≤ 4
      • Removing user 1 (serveradmin) from server group 2 (Admin Server Query)

    • Limited length of query port box
    • An update finder has been added. You can either click on it on the left or your can enable automatic checks in the settings. If the automatic updater finds an update, an information will be displayed in the status bar until dismissed by right or middle clicking on it. Left clicking on it will guide you to the download page.
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error when cancelling the folder upload dialog
    • You can also copy the IP adress of a user in your User DB to the clipboard using the context menu.
    • Your custom nickname is now set after creating snapshots.
    • There is now a button to select all users in the Select window.
    • In the icon sub-tab, the save button is now enabled when a selection is made by holding Shift.
    • In the icon sub-tab, the delete button is now disabled when default icons are selected, and the
    • Added a workaround for a bug in Delphi that did not display transparency when replacing icons
    • Re-added handling unwanted disconnects, which became broken in the March 31st update
    • If bytes 3, 5, 7 and 9 are 0, a snapshot file is handled as Unicode (in this case, 0 and 1 should be BOM and 2, 4, 6, 8 “hash”, but that’s not checked). If not, it is handled as UTF-8 instead. Therefore, the YaTQA snapshot feature can deploy snapshots created with the TS3 backup scripts. However, YaTQA does not produce valid snapshots for the TS3 backup scripts to deploy, so YaTQA snapshots must be deployed with YaTQA.
    • In the channel tree view, users are now sorted by their talk power and – if that doesn’t make a difference – their name by default. This does however change if you move them around. (?)
    • Fixed a bug that refreshed the channel list box in the Permissions tab even when you cancelled creating a new group
    • Added a workaround so the combo box gets the focus when copying a group
    • After adding/copying a channel group, the channel group combo box now returns to its previous item like the server group combo box does it since ages.
    • Fixed a bug that enabled channel group token creation without having a channel group selected
    • Made the OS icon function support the new name for Mac
    • Fixed a bug that prevented people from adding a ban by natural language in the Bans tab
    • Moved italic toolbar icon slightly to the right
    • Fixed a bug that caused the channel-related checkboxes in the “Selection” window to have incorrect indent
    • Fixed a lot of spelling bugs in the English version.
    • Added command line switches:
      • -d: Starts only the TSDNS resolver
      • -p: Starts only the permission file editor
      • -s: Reserved for SRV resolver
      • -i: Starts only the icon cache
      • -debug: Forces RedeemerTS3 to write anything it sends and receives to RedeemerTS3.log (note that TS3 uses LF CR for line-break, which is unsupported by most text editors)

    • Fixed incorrect description and data of a box
    • YaTQA now uses banclient instead of banadd for banning single current users
    • Fixed a bug that prevented UIDs from being handed over to the bans tab
    • Fixed a bug that caused a bug when you were missing permission to create temp passwords
    • Added percentage to virtual server slot count
    • On Advanced tab, the four URL-related properties now pop up a menu where you can choose to either visit or change that link (if property is set)
    • Added Tree View Popout to Users tab
    • Moved the Refresh Dropdown in Users tab a little bit up, so that doubleclicking the Refresh button basically refreshes the tree instantly
    • Added user tree selection rules for server and channel groups to the selection window, which can be used to “kick all guests” and “leader meetings”...
    • Changed the label for the server IP on the login screen to no longer say “IP” (because DNS also works) and to say that no port must be entered
    • Fixed empty INI keys
    • Server names now get cached when you join them. Previously, all servers of the server list got cached, too, but one must have joined the server to view it's icons, so that made no sense.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented thousands dividers for newly-uploaded icons from being displayed (man, use PNG for icons, so icons don't get that big!)
    • Added IPv6 support (seems like it’s non-DNS only), however, the TS3 server doesn’t support IPv6
    • Fixed disconnect detecting
    • Added hint to Select... and Popout button in users tab
    • Added default permission names for the unambigious first 13 permissions (marked with a question mark, so you still know if permget fails)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from changing the current user to anonymous
    • Failed permissions now display their permid even if a permsid is available
    • Fixed empty error message when entering an empty duration
    • YaTQA is now in limited Freeware mode by default. This means that you will need a registration to use more than 12 servers.
    • Completed icon collection
    • Fixed spelling bug in German version
    • Added donation button to home startbar
    • Added register button to about dialog
    • Improved recognition of duration terms with international characters (affected neither German or English)
    • All UID-related columns are now sorted case-insensitively (previously, this was just being mixed)
    • Improved sorting of columns that have international characters in their values
    • Finished permissions editor
    • A possible display bug of the About dialog in Wine was fixed.
    • Completely changed how YaTQA reacts on failing to receive a server list, with the intention of making the tool easier to use for people with limited permissions
    • The log filter is now case-insensitive.
    • Input boxes for ban durations now recognize the following words: infinite, indefinite, unlimited, permanent.
    • Added new Wine workarounds:
      • Like in early (Windows) versions of YaTQA, permission toolbar buttons now have only one or two letters on them when in Wine mode.
      • Worked around missing transparency of the topbar labels. This is by far not perfect, but it's at least readable now.

    • Fixed debug output when using server permission list
    • If you hover the server build (instance statistics tab), the status bar display the Unix timestamp of that build (or the actual incremental build number for very old versions)
    • Added version selection for people with neither "Use server's permission list" nor "versioninfo" permissions
    • Added avatar upload
    • Fixed a spelling bug and changed some texts related to CSV import/export file filters
    • Fixed a bug that caused the permission overview to display total bullshit if used with different servers without a restart in the meantime
    • Fixed a lot of memory leaks
    • Possibly fixed some more bugs by moving global veriables to local variables
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Ctrl+F hotkeys from working if a Log and a Permissions tab were active at the same time
    • Changed default text (when unfocussed and empty) of the filters for permissions and log entries to actually say “filter” instead of “find”
    • Added global refresh hotkey (F5)
    • Added channel tree search function
    • Added Find Next (F3) for this function
    • Fixed memory leak that occured when working with icons with invalid checksums
    • Fixed a bug that caused YaTQA to access MemoryStreams that did not exist when accessing icons with invalid checksums
    • Saving all icons now takes Icon Cache into account
    • Permissions can now be imported from files.
    • Fixed a lot of stuff related to permission import and export
    • Increased drop down count in permission editor from 8 to 15
    • You can now reorder your bookmarks.
    • Removed my TS3 server link as I don't think that complies with the NPL anymore and therefore will stop support via TS3
    • Icons for booleans were added to the permissions tab. In order to fit with the German word for “No” next to it, the indent (which is by concept the same as the image width) has been decreased from 16 to 13. As of now, this will not be added to the permissions file editor to avoid confusion with the checks on whether to include a permission’s data.
    • Channel password edit is now disabled if server version was released before April 3rd 2012 (~3rd 3.0.5-pre1)
    • Changed labels at the bottom of the instance Statistics tab to only say if the server version is older than supported and/or or limits the functionality
    • You can now select which server version you want YaTQA to handle the server as
    • Copying the last IP of a user in the User DB does not longer need a query
    • Fixed a bug that could cause an exception when copying an IP adress in User DB tab
    • Fixed a bug that could cause copying User DB details to fail
    • Added a feature to copy User DB descriptions
    • If User DB was last used to search, changing tabs does no longer drop the search results
    • Log file HTML exports now include the server's local ID in their title
    • Added User DB export features (CSV/HTML), if the User DB doesn't display search results
    • Added some explanation to the permission import window
    • Fixed strange bug with the popout feature
    • Fixed position of channel topic info in channel details
    • Allowed “infinite” as an input for channel delete delay
    • Added a link to my Twitter account, which you can use for support now that support via TS3 has been dropped
    • Updated tips and tricks
    • Added buttons to copy server version and build
    • The channel private flag is now only displayed if the server supports it
    • Added new channel properties to the channel details
    • Fixed a bug that caused the icon replace feature to be available for default icons if selected a default icon immediately after it was part of a multi-selection
    • Added new channel and client properties to the Users tab (badges/Overwolf property is display on suitable servers if the client is no query client)
    • Added new client properties to the client details (note: client_version_sign is in the version label’s hint)
    • When hovering the avatar boolean (Yes/No), the statusbar now displays the MD5
    Last edited by numma_cway; December 7th, 2013 at 04:10 AM. Reason: Highlighted the highlights ;)

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    Hey, first of all thanks for making this awesome program, but to get it running I need a little help if possible?

    I've just installed and it up to use my server, and it comes up that I am banned (3329), I've looked for “Commands to flood“ option, but I can't find it anywhere with the options that I have use of, any ideas? Thanks again!

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    The "commands to flood" thing is not related to an actual ban (TS3 id=3329). It is related to flood ban which causes no server error but refuses a connection.

    You simply got banned for brute-forcing the server password. I don't give support related to hacking a server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    The "commands to flood" thing is not related to an actual ban (TS3 id=3329). It is related to flood ban which causes no server error but refuses a connection.

    You simply got banned for brute-forcing the server password. I don't give support related to hacking a server.
    I appreciate you concern, but it was because I was trying to use the server query password instead by mistake, is there anyway to prove to you that it is my own server? You can login to it and see that I am the server admin?

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    Well, you must use your query password. Sorry for not making that clear. However, you must have been using an incorrect one. That is the only reason I know why you could get banned when using YaTQA.

    Auto bans run off by time. Don't use the YaTQA thread for general server questions that have nothing to do with YaTQA. Only the following errors are related to YaTQA:
    • Server errors 256 and 1024 to 1791 (wrapping to incorrect commands)
    • Network errors 10000 and up (there is not much I can do)
    • Bugs

    As said, do not use the YaTQA thread for general server questions.

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    I have a question... Can i set the server query admin to one ID and this one will be able to have the query in all the virtual servers? How can i do that?

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    There can only be one global account, which is "serveradmin". Possible workarounds must not be discussed on these forums as they will break your server over the long term (I just broke mine some days ago).

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    Suggestion: To connect directly to a specific virtual server

    I have a rented virtual server, with a specific voice port. Then, as admin user, I only have to access to my virtual server and in the other servers I have nothing to do more than be a guest query.

    Till now, my hoster allowed the b_serverinstance_virtualserver_list permission but from now it is disabled.

    When the virtualserver_list was "on", it was spectacular because there is a lot of virtualservers there and mine was easy for double-clicking.

    From now to access to my server is "sad" and, probably due to that, I've noticed I do more clicks than I really need.
    Bookmarks --> Select my server --> Connect --> Servers --> Go To My Server
    why not
    Bookmarks --> Select my server --> Connect To My Server


    a) Include the button "Go To My Server" in the bookmarks section. Something like this:
    Bookmarks --> Select my server --> Go To My Server

    b) Include in bookmarks a new column with the "voice port" as extra field. Only editable in bookmarks, as "Name" is.
    if voice port is in blank, deleted or not available, then all is normal
    Bookmarks --> Select my server --> Connect --> Servers --> Go To My Server

    but if "voice port" has a value then Yatqa performs a "direct access" to that virtual server:
    Bookmarks --> Select my server --> Connect -- (yatqa performs automatically "Servers" + "Find a server by its port") --> "et voilà", you are in your rented server.

    I like b) because doesn't increase the number of buttons, it could be "compatible" with existing bookmarks files (I hope so) and doesn't interfere with the current operation.

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