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    Does that mean that your problem is now solved or do you still have it?

    If not, please post or PM me your server IP so I can visit you (or is the server on the screenshot your normal server?).

    /Edit: This post was directed to Jordi. I did not refresh the page before posting, so I did not read piksna's post.
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    numma_cway just wanted to say great admin tool! Also I wanted to point out a small spelling error. Under the "statistics" tab in the "General Information" section the "Database version" has an extra "o" in the word version. Just thought I point that out so you can correct that.

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    With putty, telnet I logged as superadmin without problem, with this tool it says wrong username or pw... What could be wrong?

    PS: check your inbox

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    @13lackHawk: Thank you, I changed it in my translation database, so it will be fixed in the next version (whenever that will be). I'm sure there will be other spelling and grammar errors since I'm not a native English speaker.

    @piksna: I also have problems with that server and will do some testing. Please send me your nickname on the server you posted if it's not your forum nickname. I will try to connect there from time to time and meet you.

    --- Merged ---

    I had to remove 1.3.2 version from the package and add 1.3.1 again, because there was an error in the WYSIWYG editor.

    Since tuesday, the YaTQA package also includes the current preview version, created for the use with server version 3.0.2-pre2 or newer. This version was recently replaced with which brings you many bugfixes including the above-mentioned WYSIWYG editor fix.

    Changelog for (21 Feb):

    • Fixed a spelling mistake in English version (“Database versioon”)
    • Added support for new anto-flood settings
    • Increased loading priority of WYSIWYG input boxes and the avatar viewer in the Avatars tab
    • Added support for new whoami
    • Removed renaming of non-online servers

    Changelog for (24 Feb):

    • Renamed host ID to machine ID
    • Added a way to ignore timeouts during the deployment of snapshots
    • Prevented users from “finding” server ID 0
    • Made the application ask the user to increase commands to flood
    • Fixed a bug that disabled the log features when running an outdated version of YaTQA
    • Added correct effects when using an unsupported server version
    • The font size toolbar button now instantly displays the font size selection window when you click it (and not the adjacent dropdown button).
    • Fixed serious bug caused by welcome messages starting with a new line
    • The server list is now refreshed after creating a server.
    • Fixed a serious WYSIWYG editor bug introduced in 1.3.2 that causes the BBcode to be in the wrong order (all content after the last tag was moved to the start)
    • Changed datatype of bandwidth properties to UInt64
    • Introduced exa and exbi prefixes, because there wasn't enough space for the above change with petabytes
    • The kilo prefix (used for packet counters) is no longer capitalized to meet the SI standards.
    • Fixed two bugs that caused an incorrect icon to be displayed for anonymous bookmarks
    • Updated the executable's version info
    • Added hotkey for permission quicksearch
    • Added a button to quickly delete the quicksearch
    • The permission list does no longer clip the selection at the left end (only visible with Windows Aero enabled) by adding actual icons similar to the icons of expanded folders in the Windows Explorer. The icons were previously dummies only intended to be able to use the indent feature of the list view component.
    • Fix bug that causes the grant editor to always display 100 by default instead of the current value
    • Added a way to copy the permission name (PermSID)
    • Made swap user the default button if you are logged in
    • Fixed a bug that displayed an error message when you entered rubish into an input box that expects a number and then click Cancel
    • Fixed a thought-to-be-fixed bug that prevented the last 8 permissions list items from showing up

    Changelog for (26 Feb):

    • Fixed bug that prevents permission changes from updating in memory and therefore to not be displayed after using the search
    • Added refresh button to instance misc
    • Set AskForFailedPermSID to false in “try ... except ... end” blocks, so there are no additional commands issued on a fail in these places
    • Where AskForFailedPermSID is set to false, labels were added indicating the status of a command by turning green (success) or red (fail)
    • Prevented user from deleting unset permissions if a grant was given
    • Fixed issue with one info in the version info always having a German name
    • Added icons to group management buttons
    • The permission editor now tries to maintain selection position on search
    • The permission editor now tries to scroll to the selection on search
    • Fixed effects of missing permissions on editing fixed-value properties (host message and host banner mode)

    PS: If you feel lucky, you can download the current German development version from my SugarSync. Please note that it is never advised to use this in a productive environment and I cannot take any responsibility for that.
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    I can't connect

    Hi i go some problem i try connect with my test server but i cant i got Socket Error#10061 Connection Refused.

    How fix this ?

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    This means that the tool cannot connect to the server.
    Please enter the correct connection information and make sure YaTQA is not blocked by your firewall.

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    I fix this now so thx
    But tell me something why i cant connect with this server ? I must change server version or what ?

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    The message just says that some features are unavailable. In the version you are using (some version prior to 1.3.2.x) most notably the server log feature (last tab, first sub-tab) will say it's not working. The vast majority of the features will work just fine.
    If you need the log feature, please select the legacy version 1.0.1 from the installation wizard, but you might find some additions or bugfixes made between versions 1.0.1 and 1.3.2 more important.

    Anyway, since your version is very old (May 23rd), you should really consider updating it for security reasons.

    --- Merged ---

    The 3.0.2 server is out since February 29th, so it was time to release YaTQA 1.3.3 with support for all its new features (auto group update, new anti-flood features, query client origin). It also features a great permission overview that is much better than the official client's one, since it offers in-place editing and detailed information where every permission comes from. Be sure to check it out. Of course, several improvements and bugfixes made its way into YaTQA 1.3.3, many of which are related to the permission editor. For example, if you have a server which has other permissions than those included in YaTQA, YaTQA can automatically update itself using your server. Another addition is that you can check your own permission and grant value for a permission.

    Full changelog for YaTQA 1.3.3:

    • Slightly reduced memory usage (the image for Permission tab sub-tabs is only loaded once)
    • Slightly increased the speed of the permission editor (it does not try to clean up the list if you have no filter active)
    • Did some code clean-up
    • Pressing escape in the filter pattern edit box does now clear the permission filter
    • Changed the recently-introduced permission editor icons' disabled style to one that is more clear when displayed on dark interface colors (there are no longer shadows within the depicted objects)
    • Added support for servergroupautoaddperm and servergroupautodelperm, which was permanently enhanced during the development
    • If you enter a permission ID (positive number) in the permission search and press enter, it turns into the correspondent permission's name
    • Added a feature to check one's own value for the selected permission to the context menu
    • Added a feature to check one's own grant value for the selected permission to the context menu
    • Added a feature to use the server's permission list to the context menu
    • A feature was added to compare one's current permission list with the server list. If it says that they are different, you can save the list so you can help me improve YaTQA. The feature compares only the actual permissions, not labels (those with the arrow icon on the left), because they don't exist on the server.
    • Added kick features to complaint list (please note that they don't automatically remove the complaint and that they produce some command spam by looking up every client's current ID (ClID) on the server)
    • The ban feature in the context menu of the clients tab's tree view now uses the ban page for single bans
    • Added input window for i_group_show_name_in_tree, i_group_auto_update_type and i_group_auto_update_max_value.
    • Added icons for the buttons in the sub-tab for a client's channel group, that were forgotten to update in the last version
    • Also added the small arrows to the channel list in the client channel group tab, so the selection rectangle is no longer clipped (which was only visible with Windows Aero enabled)
    • YaTQA does no longer log out when swapping the user, as a failed login attempt will automatically log you out
    • Slightly improved the performance when filtering permissions by skipping much earlier if the text search fails
    • Did some code clean-up by adding useful variable names
    • The permission list now stops displaying horizontal scroll bars after changing the tier by re-adjusting the width of the frist column
    • Added missing button hint texts for the fifth permission tier
    • Added a permission overview feature, which was permanently enhanced during the development
    • If you changed the commands to flood with the dialog box at the start, the view is now updated
    • Made improvements to the interface of the pseudo-installer by showing the additions to each version

    Changelog for YaTQA

    • Joint with branch prior to 1.3.2.x because of the little changes that needed adjusting to work again and the big number of bugfixes
    • Limitations due to outdated server versions are now displayed as a detailed text in red font at the bottom left corner of the instance stats (I also think that 1.37 MiB are a too big download)
    • Offline servers are now counted independently
    • Fixed incorrect version info
    • Fixed incorrect year of the used server query manual
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    Stavelot (Belgium)
    I've a bug with the version when i go to the server log page.

    Name:  yatqa_bug.PNG
Views: 14761
Size:  159.0 KB

    Edit :

    I think it has somthing to do with the start of the server log file (the ==== part):

    ================================================== ================================================== ==============================

    2012-02-29 21:29:02.589272|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| listening on x.x.x.x:9987
    2012-02-29 21:29:03.214251|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client connected 'cccc'(id:2) from x.x.x.x:58903
    2012-02-29 21:29:05.473670|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client connected 'aaaa'(id:1775) from x.x.x.x:64778
    2012-02-29 21:29:05.632395|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client connected 'bbbbLy'(id:1480) from x.x.x.x:53779
    2012-02-29 21:29:18.744010|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected 'aaaaa'(id:1775) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'
    2012-02-29 21:30:52.747920|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected 'cccc'(id:2) reason 'reasonmsg=leaving'
    2012-02-29 21:33:24.043139|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client connected 'zzzz'(id:1224) from x.x.x.x:54239
    2012-02-29 21:33:45.203485|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client connected 'kkkkr'(id:1225) from x.x.x.x:54947
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    Just to have that here: spiritax' problem was fixed via PM. The fix is also included in the new release.

    Please note that avatar deletition support is not included yet.

    Wine: There is a workaround for Wine now. If you start the tool with the -winearound parameter, the tool does run on wine, but will cause memory leaks to the Wine process, because Wine cannot remove the link labels from the memory. If you don't switch tabs for hours, this should be OK, and the memory leak will go away when you close the program. Unless you use that parameter, the behavior of the program does not change.

    Complete changelog:

    • Fixed exception handling in the log
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the sorting feature of the log from working properly
    • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect behavior when going back to what the first log entry was
    • Fixed issues with the “newer” button
    • Synced the displayed version numbers all over the application
    • Added an about dialog
    • Fixed possible bug with the counting of offline servers
    • Removed buttons for setting the default nickname from the instance misc tab
    • Added a settings dialog
    • Added the ability to turn off the flood warning
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the labels in the bottom right from turning red on an error
    • Log lines that cannot be converted are now ignored.
    • Added support for 3.0.3-pre-1 permissions (v14): b_virtualserver_modify_temporary_passwords, b_virtualserver_modify_temporary_passwords_own, b_client_request_talker
    • Added internal handling for unsupported permissions based on the server version
    • Added small icons for the operating system
    • Server encryption mode now uses the drop-down box window for editing and displays a named values.
    • Fixed a bug that caused useless entries in the version info resource
    • Added drop down box window in several places where the user could choose a group (if this fails or you are not connected to a virtual server, you will be shown a simple input box instead)
    • Added support for 3.0.3-pre-2 permission (still v14): b_client_avatar_delete_other
    • Disabled double-buffered drawing in the main area for testing so it uses Aero effects
    • Enabled or re-enabled double-buffered drawing of all list controls because they either draw icons too dark or flicker on scrolling with the scroll bar (using the mouse wheel never causes flickering)
    • Added copy buttons to the left part of whoami (the first one does not make sense for a visual client, but it looks bad if only one info that does not have that button), of which the last one does not work while you are not on a virtual server
    • If the idle command fails because you lost the connection, you are now disconnected. This is usually the result when YaTQA was running when using Windows's Hibernate feature (suspend to disk).
    • Fixed a bug that caused a very strange behavior of the top bar after deploying a snapshot or resetting permissions
    • The tool no longer leaves the current after deploying snapshots or resetting permissions since it doesn't make sense (the resulting query command already does that) and causes errors due to a bug in the server.
    • Added support for the effects of b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent the token list from displaying the name of channel and group the token belongs to
    • Fixed a bug when ordering channels within the same parent
    • You can now make channels their parent's first child channel even if they were already a child of it before
    • Added checkbox to disable the failed permission name lookups in the settings
    • Added a button to display all icons, but beware that it spams a lot of queries, takes some time and can't be cancelled
    • Fixed a bug that caused error messages to not display in the icon and avatar preview area
    • Fixed a bug that caused the avatar and icon preview to not show up when there was an error beforehands
    • The error messages to be displayed in the preview area are more generic and shorter, which was done to fit the icon preview.
    • Changed the appearance of the border and icon and avatar preview when using Aero
    • Fixed a bug that allowed users to edit tokens (without any effect on the server)
    • Made several small text changes in the token editor
    • Added support for temporary server passwords
    • Added missing hint for the instance checkbox when adding a log entry
    • Added avatar deletition support (however, it does not seem to work when it should, but raises the correct error when you are missing the permission, so the feature is currently invisible)
    • YaTQA now uses the IP returned by the filetransfer init functions unless it's empty or
    • Added an instant effect after editing the settings for the failed perm SID lookup, so you don't have to reconnect
    • Added missing handling of editing server group names in the client server groups window (this means you can now edit the group names there)
    • The Details button of the client DB list is now initially disabled.
    • Made client server groups window's list sortable (note: the sorting key column is synced for both lists)
    • Added column autosizing for the lists of the client server groups window
    • It is no longer possible to click the create button for servers and bans unless all important edit boxes are filled.
    • IP adresses with asterisk wildcards (*) are now supported in IP bans
    • Made token list sortable
    • I added a very bad workaround to make YaTQA run on Wine. It can be enabled by starting YaTQA with the parameter -winearound. The thing is: Wine does not allow freeing so called SysLink objects which are frequently used in YaTQA (these are the clickable links). Please note that using this option results in memory leaks, but thanks to the little memory usage of YaTQA, this is not really a problem unless you switch tabs for hours. Additionally, YaTQA only uses the workaround for tabs that have SysLinks.
    • Fixed minor spelling bug on config tab (English version)
    • Since automatic groups are always server groups, YaTQA not longer limits features unavailable to channel groups if only channel-type auto groups are selected
    • Fixed some interface texts accordingly
    • Fixed some interpunctuation mistakes in the English version

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    And how can i get a username and a password for my ts3 server ?!

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    Please see this thread.

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    4,368 is out. It brings support for server version 3.0.5 and adds some features requested by the users. I'm not very motivated for further YaTQA development right now, since it's in place for 365 days today. You can still ask me questions or provide feedback.
    I still offer interested Delphi developers access to the source code to do some improvements.

    In detail, following changes were made:

    • Fixed the delete avatar feature and enabled it
    • Added a refresh button for the avatar list
    • Added a button to download all avatars, through its functionality is questionable with the limits caused by the query interface (no extensions, no real names)
    • Fixed the log view once more
    • Greatly increased GIF compatibility
    • Set KeyLabel for selectable permission values
    • Default button for shutdown feature changed to no
    • You can now ignore running file transfers when closing
    • Default button for deleting servers, deleting groups, snapshot deploy and permission reset changed to no (but left as is (yes) for deleting files, channels and icons)
    • Added icons for message windows but permission level info and client's database details
    • Add platform logo for client details (both places)
    • YaTQA shows the last permissions when swapping back to a permission type that was already accessed before.
    • Added support for TSDNS (can be found on the left pane of the Home tab)
    • Reduced memory usage caused by an unnecessary instance of the settings windows
    • About and settings windows can now be closed by pressing Esc.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from sorting the server list by slots when any query clients were connected to virtual servers
    • Several buttons in the permission view are no longer disabled every time you switch the permission mode
    • Made small text changes to the installer
    • Added Wine mode to installer
    • The Wine mode now affects the about window.
    • Changed color of password protected channels in the tree to orange (like in the official client)
    • Full channels are now shown with a red icon in the tree
    • Added Android icon
    • Added FreeBSD icon
    • Added OS placeholder icon
    • Unified method for finding the correct OS icon
    • Changed display of build numbers of client details
    • Added support for temporary server password with channel passwords (early 3.0.5-pre)
    • Added support for IPs directly in the tree view (late 3.0.5-pre)
    • Added missing translation for the close warning while file transfers are running

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    Srry for my horribel English.

    Ey there, its a very nice tool i am going to use on my hosting servers. But now i have a problem.
    I got the first server running, but when i want to create a new one.

    I got a error.
    The error is:
    " The query could not be completed. Command: servercreate Error message: virtualserver limit reached Error code. 2816.

    Is there any solusion for this ?

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    You must apply for a non-profit license.
    (This is not related to YaTQA in any way, though.)

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