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    YaTQA - Query Admin Tool


    Here it is, my own admin tool called YaTQA. Although it stands for Yet another TeamSpeak³ Query App, I hope it's not just another, but a very good one. It supports every active feature of the query interface.


    Official download site: DOWNLOAD from my website (around 1.2 MiB)
    YaTQA is free for personal use. Only for commercial use, a registration is required. Please visit the YaTQA website for more details.

    The downloaded file will ask you which language you’d like (currently German or English). You can also enable the portable mode and select desktop and start menu shortcuts. It does not modify your system in any way, it just unpacks what you like and creates shortcuts if you want. You can also unpack that file with 7-Zip and stuff. If not in portable mode, YaTQA creates a folder in your %AppData% directory.

    Visit for more info. Most info on that site is available in German and English. It also has some technical information on TeamSpeak.

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


    See my website for more screenshots.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Feature overview

    tl;dr: YaTQA supports all ServerQuery features. No exceptions.

    Because that’s quite a lot, the following list only lists stuff that you cannot do with the normal TS3 client (that in return allows you to speak, which YaTQA doesn’t):

    General features
    There is no need to be admin of any server to use these.

    • Detailed and easy-to-understand DNS lookup visualisation
    • Check TeamSpeak’s blacklist for any IP

    Instance features
    You usually need access to the query account called “serveradmin”. YaTQA of course comes with a bookmark manager you can fill with your instance credentials.

    • View instance stats
    • View/edit instance settings
    • View license details
    • View IP bindings
    • See all virtual servers
    • Add some local notes to the servers (as said, these are local and not stored on-line)
    • Start/stop/create/delete/rename virtual servers
    • Send a message to all servers
    • Create/mass-create/deploy snapshots
    • Create and deploy snapshots that include the files (registered users only)
    • Reset permissions to those of the template groups

    Virtual server features
    These usually work without access to the “serveradmin” account; a Server Admin account created in the TS client should be enough. However, that’s not officially supported and there’s no guarantee that all features will work on your server.

    • Ignore host message modal quit and high security level
    • View very detailed virtual server stats
    • Collapsible server tree (with the option to make it topmost)
    • Move/kick/ban/describe multiple users at once
    • Edit multiple channels at once (not possible with all attributes)
    • Send messages to multiple users/channels/both at once
    • Edit permissions of multiple users and/or channels at once
    • Move files between channels
    • Image preview without download
    • Upload/download entire folder structures
    • Add users to groups or edit their permissions by entering their names
    • Working permission overview with realtime editing
    • Copy permissions between servers/instances
    • Permission values powers of clients, groups, etc.
    • Find all clients, groups, etc. that have a certain permission
    • Edit multiple groups at once
    • A client database that is easier to use with more details
    • More client database search features
    • Display all people with a certain group (or all non-default groups) in a channel
    • Export the client database to HTML or CSV
    • Group users by server group
    • Highlight banned users in client database
    • View instance log
    • Add lines to the log
    • Export the log to HTML or TXT
    • Download icons and avatars
    • Identify the owners of the avatars stored on your server
    • Manage your server templates
    • Monitor uploads and downloads
    • Send custom query commands with autocomplete, parameter help and parameter value selection (registered users only)
    • View the results of your query commands in an easy-to-read interface (registered users only)
    • Monitor token usage (registered users only)

    Detailed feature list

    The program has 11 tabs of three categories: The first one is the general login tab. If you log in, the three instance tabs are shown. You can choose a virtual server on the second tab of these, which will show you seven tabs with the virtual server features.

    • Tab 0: Start
      • Login
      • Server bookmarks

    • Tab 1: Statistics
      • Instance info
      • Connection info
      • Version info
      • Some basic settings

    • Tab 2: Servers
      • Server list
      • Start/stop servers
      • Select a server to show the virtual server tabs
      • Rename servers
      • Create a server

    • Tab 3: Miscellaneous
      • Send a message to all clients on all virtual servers
      • Information on your identity
      • Change login name (=generate new password)
      • Snapshots
      • Permission reset

    • Tab 4: Statistics
      • Basic information
      • Basic settings (name, port, ...)
      • Connection info

    • Tab 5: Advanced
      • Virtual server configuration

    • Tab 6: Bans etc.
      • Bans
        • Ban list
        • Delete bans
        • Add bans

      • Complaints
        • Complaint list
        • Delete complaints
        • Ban people

    • Tab 7: Users
      • Channel and user list
      • Edit channels and users
      • Move channels and users (you can move multiple users at the same time)
      • View files
      • Move files (you can move files to a different channel as well)
      • Upload and download files (YaTQA also supports processing of folder structures)
      • Send messages

    • Tab 8: User DB
      • View user database
      • Delete user details
      • Ban user
      • Open this user in the permission tab
      • Find users
      • Edit description

    • Tab 9: Permissions
      • Permission editor like the official client's advanced permission view
      • Edit groups by autoupdate type
      • Permission overview with direct editing
      • Compare permissions
      • View a user's channel groups
      • Display created tokens

    • Tab 10: Miscellaneous
      • Log
        • View log
        • Add custom entries to log

      • Messages
        • Read offline messages
        • Write offline messsages
        • Send a message to all clients on the virtual server

      • Running File Transfers
        • View running file transfers

      • Avatars
        • Display a list of avatars that are stored on the server
        • View and download avatars
        • Display an avatar's owner

      • Icons
        • Display a list of icons on the server
        • Upload icons (if you upload the same icon with YaTQA and the official client, it will have the identical name)
        • Download icons on your computer
        • Replace icons while keeping the name (not recommended)

    Other notable features:

    • Almost all lists support multi-select. For example, you can select some servers (press Ctrl) and click stop to stop them all. While almost all lists support this, not every feature for working with the list does. For example, you can select more than one server and stop them all at once, but you can only join one server at a time.
    • In the users tab, the tool supports drag and drop in many variations. Select multiple files and drop them on another channel to move them there. You can also create folders and move files to a different folder. If you want to move users, you can select any users from all over the server and move them to a certain channel with only one drag and drop action.
    • The tool supports WYSIWYG BBCode editing. Most features that are supported by TS are also supported here, but images and URLs are displayed as source code for easier editing. Feel free to paste content from applications like Microsoft Word into a BBcode text box. BBCode features supported by the WYSIWYG editor are: b, i, u, size={1-7}, color={#abc|#abcdef|name}, left, center, right


    Registration is required for some more servers than the NPL permits (though there is some threshold intended for offline servers that don’t count against the NPL, but count for YaTQA). Registration is pay-what-you-want via PayPal. If you need YaTQA for your ATHP business and don't want to pay at all, tell me why.
    If you are running an NPL or rented your server, you will most likely not have to act at all.


    The program is written in Delphi (that's the language that was used to create TS2). Since YaTQA makes a lot of use from Unicode, Delphi 2009 was used. YaTQA uses only the default Delphi and Indy components, everything else is written by me, except for a bugfix on uppercase Umlaut characters and the folder selection dialog function that I found on some forum.

    Source Code

    YaTQA is open source software. By default, the source code is under MS-RSL. If you want the source code, feel free to send me a message. Please include what you want to do with it and which version of Delphi you have. Additionally, include a statement that you will comply with the MS-RSL. For active development, you will be given another license.

    Get the engines

    • RedeemerTS3: This is my query engine based on Indy TCP. If you want it, contact me via PM. There are two flavors: TRedeemerTS3 for active commands only and a derived TThreadedRedeemerTS3 with multi-thread and event support. More info can be found here.
    • BBCodeUtils: A WYSIWYG BBCode engine. It supports displaying the tags b, i, u, color, size, left, center and right. img, url and hr tags are displayed as source code. You can also PM me if you want it.

    Support and FAQs

    The FAQs are now located here, so individual answers can be linked. The FAQs are pretty good and answer nearly all questions.

    The YaTQA support thread you’re reading right now and the YaTQA support are meant to be used solely for YaTQA-related issues, defined as follows:

    • Server error code 256 as well as code 1537 to 1543 (=bugs)
    • Network errors (code 10000 and up, except for 10061), but don’t expect there’s much I can do to help you
    • Bugs, suggestions, feedback in general, questions on how to do certain things with YaTQA

    So what’s a bug? Stuff that doesn't happen with telnet/PuTTY or which is obviously not meant to do what it does (e.g. you click a button but nothing happens).
    Everything else belongs to the TeamSpeak Technical Support forums (this website).

    That's it. I hope you like it. I'm looking forward to your comments.
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