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    Still, this feature will be completely useless, since there is no reason why anyone would want to restart his virtual server unless he is able to change the port.

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    Still, this feature will be completely useless, since there is no reason why anyone would want to restart his virtual server unless he is able to change the port.
    I dont know about useless, the community im in now restarts the server to remove all of the NON members for our gaming nights. And besides that their are other reasons as well. i guess not as hugely needed but its an option on almost every teamspeak host you rent from. so maybe not a huge feature, but certainly not a useless one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlatour88 View Post
    I dont know about useless, the community im in now restarts the server to remove all of the NON members for our gaming nights.
    TeamSpeak has an auto-reconnect feature which cannot be disabled. Everyone would just return.
    To kick all guests, using the "select all guests"/"kick selection" feature in YaTQA is more useful.

    Quote Originally Posted by jlatour88 View Post
    And besides that their are other reasons as well.
    Let me know, I'm just being curious.

    /Edit: I added your feature to the development snapshot. It works as follows:
    1. Search your server by ID or port.
    2. If the server is not running, YaTQA will ask you if you want it to be started virtually.
    3. You can then change the status.

    I'm currently considering if it is good to remove the normal "use" feature entirely and always use "use -virtual". If used with a real server, the "-virtual" switch will be ignored, so why not include it all the time? Trying to "use" a server that doesn't exist results in "server not running", causing YaTQA to ask users if they want to "use" it virtually, resulting in an "Invalid server ID" error. This is confusing.

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    id say always use the "use -virtual", it works for both active and inactive servers so it should be less fuss. thats what i started using for my purposes.
    also users reconnecting with a psw that has been changed/removed[temp psw] wont be able to reconnect after restart due to psw being wrong.

    Again thx for this great app, it works GREAT and is a huge addition to my TS tools as well as to my clients/friends.

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    Okay, I added that. Therefore, you can drop number 2 in the above list of steps.

    Some general things about YaTQA development:
    The next version will be YaTQA 3.0-final. It will have all features the users and I could think of so far and will therefore be the last version unless someone comes up with some ideas or TeamSpeak releases a new server software. It's not me no longer willing to update the tool but simply a lack of things to be done.
    In addition to a massive addition of features and improvements, I think that there will also be changes to the interface, too. I currently think about changing all images to a different set with less colors and a sharper design.

    Release is scheduled for this month. As I already said, it won't be released before the NPL thing has been sorted out.

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    Can you publish the source code? Would be really nice

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    Can you read the OP? Would be really nice

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    Hello everyone!

    I just finished my work on YaTQA 3.0, which is going to be released soon.

    So I'm just letting know some of the highlights. Because translations aren't ready yet, screenshots are in German.

    Permission Comparision
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	permissionoverview.png 
Views:	1248 
Size:	135.2 KB 
ID:	11001
    (Pro feature depending on the outcome of the license stuff mentioned above) This feature is used to compare permissions of server groups, clients on the server, channels, channel groups, clients in a channel and client permission overviews. You can add any of these to the comparision and edit them right in place (except for permission overview). I call them "targets".

    Comparision can be done in two ways:
    • Power comparision (all but the first line here): Each cell is divided in two parts with the "normal" power on the left, and the "needed" power on the right. If you click a "needed" permission, you can see who can do the thing mentioned on the leftmost side to the target whose column you just clicked on by looking on the "normal" permissions. Red means that the target can do such things to the selected one, while darker green means it cannot. Same for "normal" permission. So this screenshot tells you: Server group Schatz can move (Benutzer ziehen=move client) every compared target, because the left value was clicked for the group and all right values are green. Sounds complicated, but it's easy to understand after playing around.
    • General permission comparision. On the screenshot, itís only the topmost line. You can add more permissions and compare its values among the targets.

    Passive/realtime tree update
    (Pro feature) Instead of polling the server every few seconds, you can now use the notify feature of the server to keep your server tree updated. Because the notify feature is a Pro feature, this feature is also for Pro users only.

    Saving channels
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	savechannels.png 
Views:	1438 
Size:	133.3 KB 
ID:	11000Click image for larger version. 

Name:	restorechannels.png 
Views:	1261 
Size:	138.4 KB 
ID:	10999
    Save channels (you can select what to save) and restore them. Channels are added (and do not delete existing channels), so you can use the various options like parent and previous channels to add channels in another channel or move population of one server to another. And the best is: You don't need any fancy superadmin permissions.
    Also new on these screenshots: Maximizable file list and a cat icon for previewable images.

    Saving list content
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	export.png 
Views:	1087 
Size:	139.4 KB 
ID:	11002
    You can now save all lists' content to a file. You can also search in all lists now.

    Server group selection
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	servergroups.png 
Views:	1203 
Size:	130.8 KB 
ID:	11003
    Now with more info and easier to use.

    Full changelog:

    • Added recording flag to self menu
    • Accessing the console history moves cursor to the end
    • Added note to the registration window saying that it is case-sensitive
    • Notification subscriptions are now kept after closing the console window
    • Added note to the registration window saying where to take name and email from if these are not given in the mail (this sometimes happens if I cannot send an e-mail from my notebook)
    • Permission file loader no longer tries to set b_channel_join_ignore_password if in channel permissions mode.
    • Completely overhauled the client server groups window
    • Added note about that window's limitions (prior to 3.0.6) to the server version window
    • YaTQA now asks you for the filename before asking the server for the snapshot.
    • Progress is now always shown before the time-consuming part of each loop
    • Added global Escape hotkey to cancel loops (like it has been in place for downloading all icons since years)
    • Changed all progress texts of loops to say what they are doing (like the mass snapshot one already did) and how to cancel
    • Fixed the alternative-style channel list not being used everywhere
    • Fixed memory leak when updating channel dropdown lists in the permissions tab (this memory leak is super-unlikely)
    • Swapped the middle two icons in instance misc because they made no sense
    • Channel restore added
    • Many internal changes for the server tree
    • You can now rename yourself in server tree
    • If renaming someone or something via the server tree fails, you are now shown the error message
    • Fixed a bug that caused writing to an incorrect position in memory when editing the default channel flag in the server tree, causing MaxFamilyClients to either display incorrect numbers or causing an access violation
    • Reduced leaks in Wine mode
    • Fixed the fix for counting autostart server slots
    • Ghost mode is now available to non-serveradmins
    • Added access to virtual use mode for limited users
    • Added starting and stopping in the virtual server statistics and removed the error message that originally appeared there instead
    • The bottommost three boxes on the virtualserver stats tab are now hidden if the server is running in virtual mode
    • I added a note that you must not send messages to my PayPal address. It's for PayPal only.
    • Did some testing about channel_needed_subscribe_power in channel list and channel details and changed the label accordingly
    • The main form's sidebar item and the donation link in the about box now use the same link
    • Removed note from the token list frame, saying that you need a server version newer than October 2012 (because everyone should have one right now)
    • Chat messages in console can now be send with enter (hold shift for new line).
    • Fixed a bug that prevented deleting channels if they weren't on the same layer and had been selected from bottom to top (click the last channel and hold Shift while selecting the first one)
    • You can now connect to DNS resolver results.
    • "Ignore repeats" no longer affects text messages
    • Added "Browse files" button to settings, allowing you to go to the application data folder of YaTQA
    • Fixed some duplicates and other stuff in primarily the English "Did you know?" hints
    • Added copy/save feature that works with every list (Ctrl+Shift+C)
    • Added "Add members to selection" feature to channel context menu in server tree view if you already have people selected
    • Registration window can now be closed by pressing Esc.
    • YaTQA now ALWAYS tries to "use" servers virtually, because normal "use" causes a strange "server not running" error if the ID was in fact simply invalid
    • Added highlighting of server status in the virtual server stats tab
    • Added find feature that works with every list (Ctrl+Shift+F)
    • Fixed a possible infinite loop when searching in the server tree without permissions for channellist
    • Added file list fullscreen feature, allowing you to easily browse through your channelsí files (this also causes YaTQA to show the file list after selecting a channel)
    • Filter feature hotkey (Ctrl+F) now calls global find feature (Ctrl+Shift+F) if the tab doesnít have a filter feature
    • Added server status icons to the mass snapshot window
    • Increased default size of the mass snapshot creation window
    • Added context menu for selection management features to the mass snapshot creation window (all, online, invert, none)
    • Mass snapshot creation now works with non-online servers.
    • Fixed some bugs related to virtually online servers when adding stuff to instance log or renaming other servers
    • Added channel selection by certain criteria (permanent flag, seconds empty, name)
    • Added "set all permissions" feature to set all permissions of a group (unset, grant, whatsoever)
    • Moved all remaining non-interface functions in published declartions to public (non-visible optimization change)
    • YaTQA now saves your Sort Settings.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented clicking the columns from being effective for the new server group list.
    • Added IDN support based on a lot of testing (I know this makes no sense at all, but YaTQAís DNS resolver is only meant to visually show what TS3 does in the background)
      • A: PunycodeEncode(AsciiLowercase(x))
      • SRV: UTF8Encode(AnsiLowercase(UTF8Encode(AsciiLowercase (x))))
      • TSDNS: UTF8Encode(AsciiLowercase(x))
      • Thanks to Barungar for providing the DNS feature testing environment

    • Added IDN support to blacklist checker
    • Added IDN support to YaTQA
    • The file list now highlights previewable images by displaying a picture of a cat on the icon. (Itís the same cat that randomly appears on my English website. I originally wanted to use the squirrel instead, but thatís even harder to see.)
    • Made selecting channels by name case-insensitive
    • Fixed the SRV resource recordís "decidedly unavailable" feature, which never actually worked because of a small mistake in YaTQA and a serious bug in Indy Ė both of which are now fixed
      • Thanks to Barungar for providing the DNS feature testing environment

    • Fixed a bug that caused an error message when dragging and dropping a bookmark in the empty space at the end of the list
    • Fixed a bug in the user database export window that caused the items of the column list to appear clipped while being dragged
    • When sorting the column one wishes to export form the user database, the checkbox of the target item is no longer unchecked
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error message when dragging and dropping a user database column in the empty space at the end of the list
    • Fixed a very rare and random bug that displayed the server note input box for a fraction of a second during startup
    • Fixed possible access violations when editing channe codecs in server tree (Users tab) caused by incorrect pointer type
    • Changed icon of the message box informing the user that no custom info has been found from error to information
    • Passive server tree update has been added to the Pro version. Please keep the following restrictions in mind:
      • While this feature is active, some channel and client properties are unavailable because they are not sent by the server (this not of course only applies to the Users tab, because no properties are displayed in the popout window anyway).
      • All non-query clients will be shown with the generic dark-blue circle because no client-related notifications but channel switching (including entering and leaving the server) are sent by the server.
      • Changing of server name will only be handled when subscribed to in the console (because this event is neglegible, passive refresh does not subscribe to it).
      • Single-channel subscriptions (a result of clicking "Ignore" in the warning message) are not supported and have limitations (e.g. deleting the subscribed channelís parent channel will not fire a notification that the subscribed channel has been deleted).

    • Updated registration info text to state...
      • that you must provide your companyís name and country on the ATHP list for free registration
      • how to have your license issued on another name than your PayPal name
      • what bonusses are included with your donation

    • Dragging and dropping clients in the tree retains the original TeamSpeak order
    • There is now a "Permission Comparision" feature that lets you compare the permissions of server groups, clients on the server, channels, channel groups, clients in a channel and client permission overviews.
    • Fixed a ultra-rare bug that could cause server groups to be hidden.
    • Icon cache only saves the file if it was changed.
    • You can now save the permissions you added to permission overview.
    Last edited by numma_cway; July 24th, 2014 at 12:25 AM.

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    YaTQA 3.0-rc1 has been released. Simply download it from the addons website.

    It's called rc1 because an interface makeover is planned before releasing 3.0-final. However, no feature updates are currently planned. If you have any ideas for new features, let me know.

    The following changes have been made in addition to what I posted before:

    • Added a feature to clear permission comparision targets
    • You can now remove permissions
    • You can now remove targets
    • All Columns containing numbers are now aligned to the right
    • Permissions you are already comparing are no longer included in the dropdown list when adding a new permission to comparision Ė but you can still enter its name to add it again
    • Moved "Set all permissions" to the center of the screen
    • If permission mass editing (importing or multi-set) is done, the list is now refreshed
    • Disabled the question if you want to select all items when copying lists for those without multiselect

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    Fixed some bugs:

    • Fixed a bug that prevented moving channels below a channel with the same parent channel
    • Realtime update mode: Existing non-query users’ icons in the tree are now limited to a generic icon like users who join after realtime mode is enabled.

    • Fixed a bug that broke the local server note feature.

    Same version number, just a new date (30 Jul 2014). Date is now displayed in the installer.

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    Just saw a screenshot of this new version in another thread, didn't even know v3.0 was out! This is AWESOME!

    Keep up the great work, your website is very useful also. Thanks!

    EDIT: I would love to donate to this project. I sent you a PM on this forum and an email at the (english) email address from your website's contact page. Please let me know if you need more info or if I should go ahead and donate to your PayPal.

    Thanks again!
    Last edited by Ronin Design; August 5th, 2014 at 04:19 PM. Reason: Updated info about donation / contact.

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    You earn the highest grade of respect for this work.

    If you need help with the translations from German to English, contact me.

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    It is available in English already. Improvements for the existing translation are welcome. Just send the original text (for message boxes, you can press Ctrl+C) and the new translation to me (forum email or contact on my website).

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    Lightbulb Yatqa freezes and crashes after connection to the server

    Hi. I have used Yatqa for a couple of months to monitor my 2 private servers, but couple weeks ago one of my servers stopped to respond to Yatqa properly. When I double click on the server bookmark, Yatqa starting connection very slowny then hangs up on server list (did not show any of virtual servers) and crashes. The best thing is that the server itself working just fine and people are talking all the time with no problems. When I use putty to get to the server query there is no problem too. I tried connect through Yatqa from my personal computer and from one of windows servers (problematic one is Ubuntu 12.04) which are located in another country with same result. TS3 server on Windows Server 2012 working with the same Yatqa installation without a problem.

    Anyone have any idea where the problem might be?

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    Restart the server instance. This is a frequent bug in TS.

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