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    It will ask for confirmation.

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    The Netherlands
    awesome tool!!!

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    Well, it seems that due the Query Interface is not available from the TS3 more people are discovering YaTQA, this fantastic and useful tool.

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    Perm_ID 4878 is b_serverquery_login.
    Check if this permission is enabled in the "Guest Server Query" Group.

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    After a long time, I was finally able to release a big update. If you really want a certain feature for the next version, which will be the final version until a new server version is released by TeamSpeak Systems, let me know.

    The current release does not yet include any support for the December 3.0.7 server build. I simply have no clue what group_id_end means. However, the October 24th one is already supported. It is not adviceable to download the permissions list from the December build (this feature is found in the context menu).

    Changelog from to

    • Channels are now permanent by default.
    • Fixed bug that inverted which info message was shown when deploying a snapshot: If a server was selected, it said you would create a new one, else it said you would overwrite it.
    • Added my support TS IP to the about dialog
    • Added button for refreshing the server groups in the permissions tab
    • After renaming or copying server groups, YaTQA selects it again.
    • Fixed a bug that refreshed the server group list even when canceling the server group copy feature
    • Fixed a bug that swapped template and non-template server group selection dialog
    • Fixed a bug that caused the default channel group selector to ask for a server group instead
    • After deleting a group, you cannot delete/copy/rename the deleted group anymore.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented any error messages from being displayed when adding a channel group token failed
    • Displayed supressed error messages again where they were only supressed as a early workaround for the new database empty result set handling.
    • If the sender of an offline message cannot be resolved, the sender’s UID is now prefixed with “UID: ”.
    • The avatar viewer now hides the image info of the previous image if it fails to download or display the new one.
    • If downloading (not displaying) fails, the corresponding error message is now displayed for icons and avatars.
    • You can now resize the Icon Manager.
    • Fixed possible memory leak when downloading all icons
    • Added option to disable refreshing for existing tabs
    • Added support for the six NetPBM image formats (PBM, PGM and PPM)
    • Renamed Instance tab in the Settings to Application and (due to missing space) Wine Mode to Wine.
    • If the download of an avatar image fails, it can now no longer be saved.
    • The Users tab's tree view is now affected by tab refresh
    • Support for NetPBM images was added to the open picture dialog. This feature is for Windows XP only, as YaTQA uses Windows’ open picture dialog if your Windows version has one (like Windows 7), which does not support NetPBM (at least not by default).
    • Added feature to use local timestamp and adjusted a lot of labels
    • Added permissions of the 3.0.7 October 24th releases (v16): b_channel_create_private
    • Added support for displaying the channel_private_flag (I have no idea what it does and also cannot set its value)
    • Added tree view auto update
    • Added buttons for channel server groups to client channel groups tab
    • Added a feature to refresh channel and channel group definition used in the client channel groups tab
    • If you change the channel group in the client channel group tab, the guest group can also be pre-selected.
    • If you could not retrieve a server list from a 3.0.2+ server, YaTQA will now ask you if you wish to go to your home server
    • Changed the label for the origin server in the instance misc tab to also use the term home server, which I think is better
    • Changed the Global ID label in the right box in the instance misc tab to say that it’s displaying the server ID (and nothing related to the client
    • Reduced memory leaks in Wine mode
    • When you go to another instance, all tabs but the login tab frame are removed from memory
    • Removed trademark field from version info
    • Created a selection window for the security level
    • Fixed rare problems with understrokes in shortened text containing ampersands
    • Fixed possible crash bug related to string shortening (though I doubt this could actually cause a crash)
    • Fixed a bug that caused the permission reset feature to not display the “No server selected” message when no server is selected, but when the user clicks the warning message box’ “No” button...
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the icon manager from selecting/highlighting the currently selected icon
    • Added support for xbm to YaTQA and the open picture dialog (see above)
    • Updated color name table to match client version 3.0.0 (I obviously made the previous list 4 days before they changed it completely), leading to these changes:
      • Added W3C colors:
      • Updated colors to use W3C definitions over X11’s:
        gray > gray
        green > green
        grey > grey
        maroon > maroon
        purple > purple
      • Removed all colors containing numbers as well as:

    • Added [hr] button to the BBcode toolbar
    • Used the term user over the term client in several hint texts
    • Fixed a bug that caused changing the channel in permission overview to display the client channel permissions instead
    • Updated tab order in permission and channel groups tab
    • The server groups button will now be disabled when you delete a client from a server group.
    • Fixed bug that caused the channel list to be empty in permission editor mode 4 (channel group)
    • Added more buttons to the permission editor
    • Fixed bug that displayed an incorrect list in the permission overview
    • Changed hint to the server group member server group list feature to say that you can also manage the groups, not only view them

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    Great job.

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    After Chris explained me how to use the new permission list, I was able to add the feature, which will allow you to keep the permission tree structure even when using the server permission list.
    Chris was also right when he said that older versions of YaTQA will not be affected at all, as the new style is only used when you provide the -new parameter in the request.
    I still have no idea if the latency slider does have any effect on server 3.0.7 December versions and what's the deal with the private flag (I asked both in the server pre-release thread), but still, YaTQA continues to support beta server features before the final release.

    Changelog for

    • Fixed small spelling bug for the German error saying that the interval is invalid (not sure if this actually exists...)
    • Added support for xbm to YaTQA (it was forgotten in the original release of
    • You can now save icons as PNG if you don’t like the original format (not possible because
    • Disabled save button for default icons and failed downloads
    • Added automatic file extentions for downloads from channel 0
    • Added “avatar_” prefix to mass downloaded avatars
    • Added multi-download to icons
    • Fixed format recognition for XBM and XPM
    • Added support for the new permission list (December server build required)
    • Updated permission tree (v17)
    • Added support for Opus
    • Fixed possible bug caused by unknown codecs
    • Disabled double buffering in the codec selection window
    • If you switch to a virtual server, the permission view is now cleared

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    What can i do, when i get Error Code: 520 ?

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    I have a Error.. Look please at the linked image.. Sry its german.. I translate it in english..

    "Access violation at address in module 0054CE49 'yatqa.exe'. Read of address 0000039C."

    I cant klick on "Server group" in my programm.. And change client's servergroup per this programm.. The error will pop up again and again please help.


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    You're right. That error was fixed. Please download the development version using the link provided in the FAQ part of the opening post.

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    I did a germen Howto on connecting YaTQA to a rented Server, because some people asked for it.

    best regards Thomas

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    Teamspeak 3 Admin tool (YaTQA) error 3329

    Hello i have a big problem i dont can login in my server with this admin tool YaTQA i become this.
    I dont know why i get bann i use this normal next time i will login and than comes this...
    Please help..

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    Another guess: You didnt add the IP from the Webinterface to your "query_ip_whitelist.txt"?

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    @Thomas: Please note that version and up automatically detect the server they can join when used with a Server Admin's query account.

    Today, I'm releasing version of YaTQA. This is the final version and it supports every feature of the query interface, as custominfo support was finally added. If bugs are found, useful suggestions are made or the TS3 server software is updated, it will still be updated, but I do not have any plans myself anymore.
    Another important addition was the support for the default server template.

    Full changelog:

    • The cursor is now changed to a waiting one during queries, non-threaded file transfers and TSDNS look-ups
    • The left toolbar is now adjusted before frames are created. Because it does not refresh before the frame is loaded, the left toolbar now appears right when the frame does and is no longer delayed until the frames was successfully filled with information. This could also lead to the problem that the toolbar might not be adjusted at all if some non-ignored error occured.
    • Created a new drag cursor that looks like the Windows 7 Aero ones
    • YaTQA will now use the Windows “No” cursor instead of a custom one.
    • Created new permission editor toolbar icons (with alpha channel)
    • Fixed a bug that doubled avatar file transfers
    • Used grayscale compression to recompress several images
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the user info button from being enabled in the permission overview
    • Added F2 hotkeys for the channel/user tree view and file list in the Users tab
    • Fixed a bug that the function creating the dropdown channel lists – althrough requiring a channel list response as a parameter – queried the server itself again
    • Added option improved channel dropdown menus when running Windows 7
    • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect indent in the channel dropdown menu when the last subchannel had a subchannel
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Local Time and Frame Refresh settings to not take effect until restart (and be reset if one attempts to change the settings again without restart)
    • Added a delay of 1 millisecond to the server group window, so the header width now actually auto-resizes right after startup (during startup, the window isn’t visible yet, so the auto-resize feature doesn’t work)
    • If you do not have a token selected, the Use feature will now work but ask for a token. I tried to add this feature for global use, but even Query Group tokens cannot be used globally, not even by global accounts like serveradmin.
    • Fixed a bug that prevent users from changing the server groups in the client details
    • After changing the server groups in the client details, the page is refreshed
    • Added support for X PixMaps (only XPM1 is supported by TS, so does YaTQA)
    • XPM2 is no longer recognized as a valid file format
    • Changed the icon replace warning to say that clients will have old versions cached
    • Ampersands are now escaped in the top bar, as non-escaped ampersands will cause the next character to be underlined
    • Checked complete English translation and made some minor changes
    • Broadened the start screen, so you get more information on your bookmarks
    • Added a new “Did You Know” box, answering frequently asked non-basic questions
    • Added rename hotkey to the server list and the bookmark list
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the graphics loader from raising errors that could be handled
    • Added rename hotkey to the server group window
    • Bookmark list columns now autoresize after adding bookmarks
    • Fixed a bug that prevented ampersands from being escaped (and therefore underlined) in non-shortened (single-line) texts
    • Suppressed error when disconnecting
    • Forced refresh for users tab
    • Changed labels for online users to say “Online since” instead of “Last visit”
    • Added PayPal donation info to About dialog
    • Color resolving is now case-independent for BBcode and XPM
    • Added preview feature for images stored in channels
    • This new preview feature is now the default action for doubleclicks on suitable files
    • Fixed incorrect recommended client version in the About box
    • Updated copyright years to 2011–2013
    • Fixed bug that could prevent the avatar viewing feature in the user database list from working
    • Understood and added support for connection_filetransfer_bytes_sent_total and connection_filetransfer_bytes_received_total
    • Added editing features for the server template that is used to create new servers (note that the date of creation is actually the time the instance was started plus a little delay)
    • Added failed file transfer percentage
    • YaTQA now logs the user out before logging in another user (Swap User feature), because logging in the same users without logging out first will not reset the currently selected server
    • Added support for custominfo, customfind (dropdown menu, as all DB features now) and tokens with custominfo
    • The channel selector for creating a channel token is now disabled after a refresh when the previously selected channel is missing
    • This is the final release, as I have no ideas left. There will still be bugfixes and feature additions if there are nice suggestions, as well as adjustments to new TS3 server versions. I want to thank everyone who provided feedback.

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