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    Yeah, indeed, I forgot to make the ban list sortable... That should fix that problem because the output of the ban list is not limited by the server. At least I did not see it and there is no way to request further data. There might be something like that, because the documentation of the TS3 Query Interface is sometimes incorrect or inaccurate, so I have my copy of the PDF with commentaries made by me.

    Unlike the ban list, the user list is limited to 500 entries per request. Sadly, it's hard to search inside the user DB. There is a search feature, but it returns only the database IDs which I would have to look up first (too find stuff like e.g. actual names because you can use wildcards). Each of these lookups will count as a command and looking up ten or so of them will usually get you banned for flooding. Searching for DBID and Uni ID is already included. Currently, you can find it in the permission tab. Go to client permissions, enter the DBID or UID and click the > button followed by the i button. I think I will add a similar feature as well as a limited name search (limited to a certain number of entries) to the User DB list.

    --- Merged ---

    Version 1.2.0 is out now. The log feature is only working for server version 3.0.1-pre and up. The following highlights were added:

    • Search inside of the user database
    • Display detailed information on a user's database profile
    • Uploading and downloading of files in channels
    • Avatars viewer
    • Icons manager

    Like before, all files for the server's beta versions are available from my homepage in both German and English.

    Additionally, numerous bug fixes made their way to the release. You can find them as well as feature additions in this changelog:

    • Added file upload (right-click) and download features (double-click) to the file list, but be aware that there is no progress bar and cancel button (the tool will hang until the transfer is done; might be changed in a future version)
    • Fixed a bug that hid the following permissions: i_ft_file_rename_power, i_ft_needed_file_rename_power, i_ft_file_browse_power, i_ft_needed_file_browse_power, i_ft_directory_create_power, i_ft_needed_directory_create_power, i_ft_quota_mb_download_per_client, i_ft_quota_mb_upload_per_client
    • Removed invisible trash from the permission list resource of the German version
    • Fixed a bug that appeared when doubleclicking the offline message list without having a message selected
    • Made ban list sortable
    • Increased the width of column displaying date, so they display correctly when running the German version on Windows 7
    • Changed a column heading text in the German version of the server list
    • You can no longer try to delete the up folder entry in the file browser
    • Added a button to display all information that is stored about a client in the database (this feature was missing before, because its great power is not officially documented)
    • Added buttons to search names, UIDs and DBIDs in the user DB
    • Added avatar viewer to the client details
    • Added a context menu to the log to copy an entry's message
    • Fixed a bug that caused the context menu entry for displaying a client's permissions to work incorrectly
    • Changed the version info description of the tool from YaTQA to Yet another TeamSpeak³ Query App
    • Added avatar management to the Other tab for virtual servers
    • Fixed a bug that caused the log viewer to fail when an event's microseconds are 999500 or higher
    • Added icon management to the Other tab for virtual servers
    • Added an icon list with some features such as uploading new icons
    • Changed the the version info at the bottom of the login page to another format
    • Added refresh feature to the file list's context menu
    • Added a visual icon selection dialog window (it is not used in the permission editor, though)

    In the next version, I might make the upload and download features more comfortable by not pausing the application during the transfer.
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