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    [suggestion] Teamspeak 3 server - logs(logrotate)

    It is unfortunate that currently teamspeak3 automa tically doesn't support logrotate.
    Also it is not so great that it doesn't log entrie s in logfiles based on day.
    Either one being possible would be great.

    Also optionaly some parameter that could make poss ible, to set static file-name for the logfile.

    Could some of that be improved in future releases?

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    Yes, I realyy support that request. Currently, due to the naming "concept" of the log file, even logrotate (unix daemon) cannot handle it correctly. Even an command line code for releasing a log file would be great. I have no clue what will happen if I use truncate of an open log file....

    So, if you create a great software unter linux, pls make it also "compliant" so common rules in unix....plllleeeeas! Und pls add an option to log entries with local time, not with GMT.


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    I read, that log system will be totally changed in Final Release...

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    So far I fixed it by modification of my by adding line like:
    gzip /var/log/teamspeak3/ts3server_*.log
    before starting server again. It doesn't do it regulary as I would preffer, but at least logs are not accumulating for that service...

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