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    Solved Microphone not working when using TS

    I am using windows 7 and my microphone works fine in all programs except when I turn on TeamSpeak. When I log onto Teamspeak 3 the sound from World of Warcraft suddently comes out of the speakers instead of my headset, but the voices from the other players still come in the headset.

    When I talk they cannot hear me - I use push to talk and I can see my icon lighting up but noone can hear me.

    It worked fine until 1-2 months ago when TS3 came with an update. Since then it has not worked at all.

    I hope you can help me.

    Best regards Kristian

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    Do game sounds come out when you are trying to talk? Look at settings > Options > Capture and look what the capture device is. Change it for testing purposes and try again. You can also run a test in the capture box to make sure it is working in there.


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    I think I solved it last night - It simply seems like the port for the microphone is not working - I managed to set it up so I can use the microphone build in the laptop and then get the game and TS sounds through my headset until I get the computer repaired.

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