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    Solved Help With Bad Wordss!!!

    I wanted to know if there is anyways I could block certain words from my teamspeak server. Sometimes some of the users say bad words and I would like to block the words. If there is anyways to do this can someone let me know?

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    You can't block what users are saying. Option 1: mute them. Option 2: kick them
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    i think he used the word say but meant write

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    You can't block what users are saying. Option 1: mute them. Option 2: kick them
    I've got a similar Problem and think that he meant write instead of saying:

    I want to disable the bbcode. Some users of my TS Server send scam links and try to hide them with bbcode. I know that you see the correct link, but i want to protect the DAUs. My thought was, to use bad word filter to replace
    http://with***ATTENTION***<a href="h...r /> </a>with***ATTENTION***

    so that the result should be ***ATTENTION***linkurl.domainOrLinkText***ATTENTIO N***

    Does anybody have an idea how to resolve this?

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