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    Solved Server Query Permission.

    Hello all
    i have an problem with the Server Query Permission.
    we use at our HP the DKP System with TS3 Viewer, but it shows no Server, only an Error:
    Missing permissions to query the server, check your permission-settings in your TS3-Server
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient client permissions failed_permid=13697
    No Playerlist

    What the hell is permid 13697.
    Is this b_serverinstance_virtualser_list?
    It in guest group but i can not change this.
    Its grey,when i will change this comes only insufficient permission modify power.

    Anyone an idea?
    before 2 Days, the Webviewer was still working.

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    (I assume you use the latest server version - RC1)

    You have the permission list (with ID) there : Server RC1 permission list

    You have to add this permission in the guest query group.
    (using the query command)

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    Ahh thanks, it works fine.

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    TS-Error: error id=2568 msg=insufficient client permissions failed_permid=13697

    Hello, i am from Germany and wanna excuse my bad english!

    My problem is my TS-Viewer, if anyone is on the TS-Server (TSS) the Viewer works fine!
    But if no one is on the TSS i get the error message:

    error id=2568 msg=insufficient client permissions failed_permid=13697

    I started a second TSS with the most same properties and its works fine.

    Does anyone know, what i have done wrong, it seems to be another permission.

    I have added 1 picture where TS-1 is the TeamSpeakServer with the error in TS-Viewer
    TS-2 works fine, the red "circled" on TS-1 is the only difference to TS-2

    login via putty shows, the query has a problem with "clientlist" all other permissions like "serverinfo, channellist, servergrouplist, channelgrouplist" are ok.

    Thanks for helping!

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    i_channel_subscribe_power this is the permission, that causes that error.
    Plase check, that youzr query has enough subscribe power. (hmm can't remember, that the query needs subscribe power)
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