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    Solved [PluginSDK] Error 1796(0x0704), Explanation please. Bug?

    I've getting the mentioned error above, when i call "requestClientVariables", immediatly after the connection to the server is established.

    The function is called within a plugin, when the event "onConnectStatusChange" appears with "STATUS_CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED".
    Because of the fully established connection, all informations have to be accessible, so i think this is a bug.

    If this is not a bug, can someone please explain this situation to me, so that i can fix this.

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    This does not look like a bug.

    Error 704 is ERROR_currently_not_possible. If this error is returned by requestClientVariables, it means there is already such a request in progress.

    Normal execution would be:
    * requestClientVariables (start request) => ERROR_ok
    * onUpdateClientEvent (notification that request has finished)

    (Add some printf to ts3plugin_onUpdateClientEvent to verify)

    Now if you request more than once before the first request has finished:
    * requestClientVariables => ERROR_ok
    * requestClientVariables => ERROR_currently_not_possible
    * onUpdateClientEvent
    * requestClientVariables => ERROR_ok (now you are allowed again)

    Of course assuming requesting twice on the same clientID...

    Now your plugin is probably calling requestClientVariables for the first time (and gets ERROR_ok as return value). A bit later, but before your request has finished, the client will call requestClientVariables another time (in the code when own client is selected after login, called with a small timer after onConnectStatusChange with STATUS_CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED, so this happens after your call). Then this requestClientVariables will return the error and it gets reported to the client log. However, the client will recover as onUpdateClientEvent will arrive soon anyways in response to the plugins request. So actually the error can be ignored. Thus I removed the log warning for ERROR_currently_not_possible in the client.

    So what should you do in your plugin code? Most probably nothing, as *your* request in this example is fine. If your request should return ERROR_currently_not_possible, you can just ignore it and wait for the soon incoming onUpdateClientEvent as reply to another request (may it be from the client or another plugin).

    Sorry for the wall of text. :-)

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    Thanks PeterS,

    that's exactly, what i need to know.

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