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    How can i change the Icon order from Icon Manager

    As I upload icons to my TeamSpeak servers, the remote icon preview seems to sort these as it sees fit. I've tried different naming conventions, checked in Windows to see if "sort by: name, size, date modified, extension" there's some particular reason TS3 likes to sort my icons as it sees fit. More interesting is that it seems to pick the same order each time.

    As an example if I upload a simple icon set with the letters A-Z, no matter how these are named, whether "silver_A_16px", "silver_B_16px", or "servergroup_101", "servergroup_102", "group_101", "group_102", or any odd combination, nor if I upload them one at a time, in batches, or all at once does this make a difference. In the, "remote" pane of the icon viewer I see, "N R L K D ..." always. And not in a random order so to speak, but even if I delete them, then re-upload them the server still puts them in that order. If I add A-E, it again chooses an order once and refuses to let me change that.

    Now as to why this would be important: I have different sets of icons for different users. So I have the shield icons in Grey, Red, Green, and Blue. I also have the silver letters, game icons, rank icons and some custom icons. But even uploading 5 icons, the TS will decide for me what order it wants, and I'm stuck. When you multiply this problem with different sets you end up with an impossible to navigate mess like the one attached.

    I have full administrator rights to the TS server, but I see no "sort" option other than inside the channel editor where i can move a channel up or down in the list. I cannot resort the icons, I cannot resort server groups. I have the permissions enabled but TS refuses to allow me change any sort orders other than the channels themselves.
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    There is no opton to sort them. The icons will be stored as icon_762055 or icon_368468165 on your server.
    The sort order is the checksum of the filesize and this can't be changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    There is no opton to sort them. The icons will be stored as icon_762055 or icon_368468165 on your server.
    The sort order is the checksum of the filesize and this can't be changed.
    As a quick note, the name is the CRC32 of the file content. File size is not involved at all.

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