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    Question Help Request: Using a soundboard on TS3


    I am in need of help using a soundboard on TS on a single computer (in other words, I will not only use this computer for the soundboard, but also for my microphone).

    First off, this is not a how-do-you-harass-people-with-a-soundboard-on-their-private-servers-thread. Me and my friends are running our own server, and I want to add a soundboard simply for comedy.

    I am using TeamSpeak 3 on Windows 7 32-bit, and my sound card is a Creative SB X-Fi (if that is necessary information).
    Currently, I have managed to get my soundboard working over TS by making a hotkey macro within TS to switch the capture device to "What U Hear", in which case I can use the soundboard; and then switch back to my microphone.
    My issue now is that when "What U Hear" is active, it obviously captures people talking on TS as well as the soundboard and every other application that utters a sound until I switch back to the mic.
    While I am personally not affected by this, everyone else on TS will hear themselves, along with noises from games. That sort of kills the comedy bit.

    Does anyone have any experience with using soundboards over TS? Are there any other options other than switching between devices? Is there any way to tell TS to capture a single specific application?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance, and I apologise if this is the completely wrong section for this thread.


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    You might want to have a look at this plugin: That should do what you need without having to play with system settings / devices...

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    Cheers, Meelkee, I'll have a look at that as soon as I can!

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    Doesnt work at all

    doesnt show up in my plugins never has

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