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    Registering Server with NPL troubles

    Hello, last night I required a NPL from Triton and began to try and set up my TS3 Server. I followed the video on the TeamSpeak tutorial page and the email I received when my license was issued to the furthest extent, however when I entered localhost into my client, and copied my Privilege Key into the correct pop-up (Permissions -> Use Privelege Key) it was giving me an error saying the Key was invalid. I had previously placed my licensekey.dat file into the TS3 64bit exe folder.

    I'm trying to set up a server for my brothers "clan" on the game RuneScape and it doesn't seem to be working.

    Any suggestions?

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    Just to be sure, where does the key you use (the pop up dialog at the first start) ?
    Are you 100% positive that you had copied the entire key (do you get the same result using the button "copy to Clipboard")

    There is no link between the license and the priviledge key.

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