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    Understanding the ts3 anti-flood point system

    I'd like to understand how this works. How are points accumulated, and wear off over time.

    Do specific actions on ts count as different point accumulations?

    Is there a tutorial on this somewhere?

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    Points are accumulated by creating channels, edits, joining the server,switching channels, text messaging, poking, etc. xxx(depends on your settings) points are deducted every tick. There used to be a tutorial in this forum, but it was deleted due to spamming I think.

    One of the developers said the system may get an overhaul later...

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    How does the Anti-Flood System Work

    Hi guys,

    There really ISNT a good guide as to how exactly the teamspeak antiflood system works. I want to understand it. I've found very few forum posts and actually help : refrence link below :

    Any Teamspeak Team care to chime in? I'm looking for some sort of guide or document that states how the system works. What causes a tick, how long ticks last, how long bans last, ways to 'remove' a ban on a user, ect ect.
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    From what I understand from the thread you referenced (

    Every time you join a channel, text chat, join a server, switch channels, poke etc. you gain a point. Every "tick" a point is deducated.
    Although, that thread was made in 2011 and it says it may get an overhaul. I'm unaware if this is still a thing witihn TeamSpeak.

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    Apparently, mine was merged here, but this still doesn't answer fundamental questions.

    how long does a command block last for? can you change the determined amount of time?

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