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    Admin Server Query Group Permissions

    One of the Server Admin Query users was messing around in the permissions this evening and they set the Server Admin Query group to GUEST by way of the NEW permission setup. I have tried deleteing the rows from the database for ID's less than 6 and reimporting the required rows from the default.sql file to recreate the permissions.

    WHen I logon from the client no Server Admin Query users exist any longer and the first 6 groups are not listed in the permission tree any longer even though all of the records exist in the DB.

    Is there any easy way to fix this considering I have tons of groups and icons set and rebuiilding everythign will take 2 or 3 days and I simply dont have the time to invest right now. There has to be some easy way to fix this from the DB side and either I missed something or I need some sort of reorder cmd to fix the table structure now.

    Any suggestions??????

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    Unfortunately there is no easy way (without a view on this database)
    There are several things (and links beetwen tables) to check.

    Send me your database (in private message)

    Please note: The query admin group should be used to manage the Teamspeak instance/v server. Not for a classical usage.
    Do not give/use this group as if it were a normal group.

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    PM sent but I didnt see a way to attach DB :-(

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    Alredy answered in you first pm

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    Your database it's now rebuilded.
    I sent you a link to download your database in pm.

    The problem :
    In the "group_server_to_client" table
    - Your identity was in the query admin but the server ID was wrong
    - The serveradmin query user, was in the guest query, admin query, template SA, template normal and template guest.
    - And this user was in these group but in channel group mode.

    If you absolutely want modify your database (because you haven't other choice), start a little Teamspeak server on your computer and compare the database from this "model" server with your database before any changes. It will be easier to find out the problem.

    Please note :
    It's absolutely not recommended to add yourself (your identity) in this specific group.
    To avoid any error (like here), create a second identity.

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    Thank you so much. I am going to create a new set of rights in the Server Admin (3) group to mimic what I must have from this top level group and add all of the users that need this elevated permission to that group as well as myself. I assume serveradmin by default is a member of this group even if that account dowsnt show in the tree in the client perm tab - is that correct?

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