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    failing connection on 1 specific TS server


    I got problems with connecting to 1 specific TS server,

    others can join it but i fail,

    <19:00:34> Trying to resolve hostname .......
    <19:00:34> Trying to connect to server on ........
    <19:00:40> Failed to connect to server

    Getting this message all the time.
    Joining by IP also fails

    Can someone help? see that allot of people have this problem but the cant find the solution on the forum.

    thanks in advance.


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    July 2011
    Some data

    Windows vista home premium service pack 2
    DirectX 10
    Ts: 3.0.0rc2

    got this from last lines from client_log
    11-7-2011 19:00:35 Info No TSDNS found at ""
    11-7-2011 19:00:55 Info No TSDNS found at ""

    (some is taken away because of personal server, i can give it by pm to TS support)

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    i am having the exact same issue. It seems to me that its only with 64-bit windows users. are you using that OS?
    Please help us.

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