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    Release only matching client/server versions, or offer previous versions.

    Just a suggestion. For quite a while I hadn't updated my Teamspeak Linux server because there was no need to. That is, until more recently when some people updated their clients and complained they couldn't connect. Upon updating my server and my own client, things appeared to be working correctly, except for some sort of issue with the permissions. After some research it seems that this is the result of the client currently being RC2 and the server is still RC1. I am unable to set a lot of permissions and had to go through hoops to hunt down the previous client version so I could do what I needed to do.

    My suggestions:
    Either only release matching client/server RC's at the same time.
    Or have an obvious option to download previous versions if necessary.

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    For the permissions: as others often said, please read -> this thread ...

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