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    Can't change group permissions

    Hi all,

    Well I have a problem (that's why I'm here ofcourse )....

    It seems I'm unable to change several group permissions that need to be changed really badly...
    The thing is that guests can kick other users, I found a thread explaining that the needed value should be higher than the granted value (currently they're both 0) or check the negate option...
    Now, when I try to do this and check the option negate or change the needed power it just snaps out like I can't change it, and otherwise after deselecting the changed permission the change doesn't get through and I have no idea why (I'm Server Admin with same rights as the guy who's the Super Server Admin and he can't change anything either)...

    Also getting the infamous ''Insufficient modify power'' error whilst having all the needed powers to modify (all are needed 75 and granted 75)

    Anyone got a suggestion?

    TS3 version: 3.0.0-rc1 [Build: 14468] on Linux

    Thanks in advance.

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    What is the value of i_group_modify_power ?
    And the value/grant for the permission that you want modify.

    Other way, right click on you > Permissions > Permission overview > click on "Export as PDF" and post it here.

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    i_group_modify_power Needed = 75, Granted = 75

    To be modified permissions (in all cases) Needed = 0 and Granted = 0 (which, from what I understand means, they can use these permissions)


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    Your permissions seems good.
    Just a question, your server is a fresh server or an updated from several old versions ?

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    We're using a fully update version of TS3 (non-beta)

    Problem seems to be that we upgraded from beta to full version and that we're stuck with the beta permission system....
    And our great server host doesn't respond to e-mails to modify and update the permission system....

    So is there a way around it?

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