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    Permissions question

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    Maybe my questions looks like noob, but need help.

    The question is how to prohibit guests to join any channel except default one (we name it Lobby room). So basically guest should join only Lobby room and can't access another channels.

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    Edit the channel rights of "Lobby room". Search for the permission "i_channel_needed_join_power" and set the value to a "-"(minus) number. I did "-5".
    If you did it, than each user need a join power with at least "-5".

    Afther that you edit the permission of "guest" "i_channel_join_power" and set it to a minus number too. For example "-5".

    If you did it correctly, the server group "guest" is ONLY able to join the "Lobby room" just like you want it.

    Hope I was helpfull.



    PS. If you have more problems in the future with the permission system than please post it here:

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    yes but where is this done?

    do you edit a file? (I just looked there isnt one).

    do you do commands in terminal?

    do you edit preferences within the client? - this isnt obvious as there is no numbering system for permission within the preferences.

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