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    Exclamation Lost all my Server Permissions!

    I own my own Teamspeak Server with 512 slots, and I was trying to setup my permissions. I am the Server Admin of the server, and to test my permissions I created a privilege key but forgot to make it server admin and left it on Default. I took off all my permissions so that i was now a guest, so that i could see if i could 'stuff' up the Teamspeak by kicking / banning other clients... And they worked perfectly. So i used the privilege key to get back my server admin and it only gave me guest.

    Me being me has disabled all possible ways including server query to stop all possible chances of getting server admin back!!!

    Please help? URGENTLY...

    P.S - If it helps, i have all the server files on my PC - i don't care if i don't get those permissions back but i desperately want to get back to save my channels and descriptions because they took me ages to set up.

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    Using the query command (using a tool like putty directly on the query port - 10011 by default) :
    login serveradmin <password>
    use <serverID> ("or" use port=<virtual server port>)
    servergroupaddclient sgid=6 cldbid=<your database ID>
    Don't forget to read the documentation.

    Next time, if you want make some tests, create a second identity (Settings > Identities)

    This question has been answered many times on this forum. Please use the search function

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    Brendi2334 Guest


    I think that I have lost my server query information & login though, am i still able to do this?

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    No you can't whitout it.

    Read this sticky thread :!

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