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    Send message per Hotkey?

    Is is possible to send a message to the channel via hotkey?

    like: i press 5 and it posts "Hi" in the Channel im currently in?

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    You can do it, using a little plugin. An example with the lua plugin (2 files) :

    Plugin side

    require("ts3init")                    -- Required for ts3RegisterModule
    require("chanmsg/msgfunc)     -- Function file
    -- Register the callback function
    ts3RegisterModule("chanMsg", registeredEvents)
    Now the msgfunc.lua
    function hello()
              local message = "Hello guy how are you ? "
              ts3.printMessageToCurrentTab(message)  -- There is another function, but this is a simple example ;)
    chanmsg = { 
              hello = hello
    Now go on your client installation > plugins > lua_plugin > create a new folder named "chanmsg" and put these 2 files in this folder.

    Now Client side

    To use this plugin, you have to write this command line in the chat area :
    /lua run chanmsg.hello (/lua run hello - works too)

    To use a key
    Settings > Options > Hotkeys part
    On the Profile detail part (the key list), click on Add button.
    In the setudp dialog, clieck on Show Advanced Actions
    => Plugin > Run Plugin Command > Select a key and write the command (/lua run .....)

    Save all and voila.

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    hi florian

    first: thanks for your help
    but :P

    when i type "/lua run chanmsg.hello" he says Error running Lua function: Module 'chanmsg' not found

    when i type "/lua run hello" he says Error running Lua function: Function 'hello' not found


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    open the hotkey setting and look at it again. I know that sometimes if you have "too long" of command string in the hotkey window it will trim it to a portion of the command and cause problems. If this is the case you can close TS3 and open the hotkeys.ini and manually put the missing part of the command back and it will work.

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    Also, check if the lua plugin is activated
    Settings > Plugins > check lua plugin > click on settings buton > check the chanmsg plugin

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    Looking for something similar. I just need a hotkey to put my cursor in the text box. Or Paste and send with hotkey would work also. Thanks! And sorry for late post.

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