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    Server is not in the server list


    I've created a TeamSpeak3-Server on my vServer.
    It worked great until I have chosen the wrong admins!

    They changed the server name at least 50 times and now nobody can find the server on the server list (Ctrl+Shift+S).

    "Enable reporting to server list" is checked. I also created a completely new virtual server but there's still nothing on the list!

    What is the problem?

    Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManuStaufi View Post
    It worked great until I have chosen the wrong admins!
    The name of your server is not the problem, but it takes up to 10 minutes, until the server sends the next report to the weblist.
    But also make sure, that port 2010 UDP (outgoing) is opened.

    Quote Originally Posted by kspedro View Post
    I have same problem...
    What is you server name?
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