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    Grant Value ignored on important Permissions

    Server Build: 14755
    Client Build: 14642

    Given a Client with for example

    i_channel_modify_power = 70
    i_needed_modify_power_channel_modify_power = 70 (Grant Value for above Perm)
    i_needed_modify_power_channel_needed_modify_power = 70

    and a Channel with
    i_channel_needed_modify_power = 70

    that Client can change the channel_needed_modify_power of said Channel to 898 (or any other absurd Value) basicly locking himself and everyone else out of editing the channel even though according to Permissions he should only be able to set it up to 70.

    Even more critical is the fact that said Client can also just set himself an i_channel_modify_power to whatever the hell he wants even though again he should only be allowed to go up to 70 (which is the default suggested Value when adding the permission). After he did that he can edit any Channel even though he should not be allowed to do so.

    The same thing also works for i_channel_permission_modify_power which the client can also raise without limits. That way he can just edit the Channel Permissions too.

    These are very serious Bugs and given what I learned today about the insanely huge holes in the Permission System i'm fairly sure there are quite alot more just like these.

    I URGENTLY request to recheck the entire Permission System and fix it!!!!
    Last edited by SilentStorm; July 22nd, 2011 at 01:54 AM. Reason: added Server & Client Build

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    ver 14387 includes fixes. available as pre build

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