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    Solved Modal message for channels

    Hey teamspeak community!

    I've an idea about option for administrators to let them leave a special message (in modal message form) on the channels he want to. Of course includes option to write specific message for each channel and all the users joining in to the channel/subchannel will recieve this modal message.

    I think it would be effective and very useful way of communication for public servers between administrators and specific group of users.

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    im agree with you

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    I disagree here, because this can be done with the channel description.
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    So I take it this thing isn't part of TeamSpeak so far? Well, personally I vote for the idea, since people at my server are so lazy to read descriptions, and even version numbers that I write at the end of every channel name... this function would have proved handy for me a few times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    I disagree here, because this can be done with the channel description.
    The channel is description is just that..A Description. It would be nice to send a pop up MODAL message for reminders and administrative purposes.

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