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    Thumbs up Client crashes when I connect


    I've recently started using TeamSpeak on my brother's computer which is running Ubuntu 11.04 classic, and TeamSpeak has been working fine for about a week. Earlier today I went in there to talk to some buddies and every time I connected it would close TeamSpeak almost instantly. I could see people in the server for maybe two seconds, then it would just close. No message or anything, even if I run it via the Terminal.

    I've tried unplugging my headphones, microphone, plugging only the headphones in, nothing. I've googled my problem and only found solutions for Windows users, any chance there's one for us Linux users?

    Any suggestions?



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    Set the recieve and mic to alsa then try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotslash View Post
    Set the recieve and mic to alsa then try.
    I did that, it loaded for a little bit longer so that all of the rooms in the channel loaded, then just crashed.

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    Make update and make ASLA

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