What is it?
The ClientQuery Plugin is included and enabled by default in every TS3 Client installation. Through a simple tcp/ip socket the client can be queried and controlled. By default only localhost applications can reach this socket (for security reasons).

How can it be used?
ClientQuery has two main uses:
(1) Integrating "TS3 Client Support" into existing applications (e.g. Games). Say you want to display who is currently talking on TeamSpeak within your game. You can map players to TS3 clients and then display which player is talking on TS next to the player names. Or you wish to add something like a "invite user to my teamspeak" function where a player can invite some other player to join his TeamSpeak etc.
(2) TS3 centred software that can not or does not want to use the Client Plugin SDK can use Client Query instead to retrieve information or initiate actions.

Documentation and Examples are shipped with the TS3 Client, from your TS3 Client installation Folder go to "plugins/clientquery_plugin" for per command documentation and "plugins/clientquery_plugin/examples" for example code and a README.

Note you can also get documentation interactively, just connect your telnet client to localhost port 25639, and use "help" and "help <command>".

Please post any questions or feedback or feature suggestions below , but please make sure you are refering to at least TS3 Client 3.0.0 (currently in beta channel), as functionality was much improved.