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    ts3client - pc lock actions

    More clearly, it would be really nice, if ts3client would support feature like this:
    Windows - when I lock my pc, ts3client will automatically set away and mute mic on me.
    Linux - same (this one is more complicated imho)
    This will be done only when as user I didn't put away before locking my screen. And if I didn't do it previously, it will auto- un-away and un-mute me.

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    We don't wan't to set the away status when your screen is locked. We wan't that your mom (example) does not talk into your mic, while you are not here

    Linux - It is not really possible to use that feature for all these different distributions. All these different WindowManager act different for a Lockscreen.

    Mac - We did not found the function to capture the signal. This does not mean, that it is not possible
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    well, perhaps it could be activated in options of ts3client.
    As far as linux goes, it might be as easy as watching running proccesses for specific one. However the user would probably have to set which one.
    linux 1st step: "ps aux | grep xtrlock"
    as far as lag on that action goes: I believe check each 3s is not a problem.

    I guess more simple would be to ask someone who already created some plugin to make one for this.

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