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    Post Mac Specific FAQ

    So I have seen lots of repetitive questions in this section. I have also noticed the FAQ doesn't have much Mac specific details. Therefore, I have put part of the README section of my server here so hopefully people won't ask the same questions again.
    P.S.: Please credit the answers to the appropriate mages before me xD

    Q: How do I install Teamspeak 3 on a Mac?
    Step 1: Download the .dmg file from this website.(Shortcut)
    Step 2: Double click the .dmg file. Then drag the "Teamspeak" icon to the Applications folder.
    Step 3: Eject the teamspeak image from Finder. Do not run the teamspeak from .dmg folder unless you're just testing how it works. Instead, go to Applications-->Teamspeak 3 Client.
    (If the icon doesn't show up correctly in Snow Leopard or earlier versions, you can hold option key and right click on the finder, and click "Relaunch".)

    Q: Hotkey is not working!
    This is because the OSX's keylogger prevention mechanism is doing the work. Solutions:
    1. Use "shifting keys" such as command, alt, control, shift. These keys will still work under this condition.
    2. [Not recommended] System Preferences --> Universal Access --> check "Enable access for assistive devices" The hotkeys will work again. But keyloggers will work too!

    Q: Other people reported all they hear from me are noise or crispy fragments (sometimes it is called "robotic voice" ). (or All I hear from others are crispy fragments)
    Utilites --> Audio MIDI setup. On the left pane, select "Built-In Input", then in "Format" section, select an option somewhere in 16000.0Hz-48000.0Hz. TS3 does not support higher frequencies than 48000.0Hz!
    While you are at it, make sure to check "Built-In Output" as well.

    Q: How do I uninstall Teamspeak 3 from my Mac?
    A: If you want to preserve your configurations, simply drag the Teamspeak 3 Client to trash can. If you want to delete all configurations, follow the procedures below.

    Step 1: Go to Terminal (It's in the Utilities Folder, or you can search it from spotlight).
    WARNING: You will lose all identities if you follow the following procedure. If you have privileges of some servers, you should probably export identities before proceeding

    Step 2: Enter commands
    Older Versions:
    rm -R ~/.ts3client #If multiple users use ts3, do this for every home folder of users that uses ts3.
    sudo rm "/Applications/Teamspeak 3" #Enter admin password after that
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.teamspeak.* #If multiple users use ts3, do this for every home folder of users that uses ts3.
    Newer Versions:
    rm -R ~/Library/Application\ Support/TeamSpeak\ 3/
    Q: I do not see Settings --> Options.
    A: It's located in Teamspeak 3 --> Preferences instead.

    Q: Where are my profiles, chat logs, and client logs?
    A: It's located in ~/.ts3client (The absolute path is /Users/[your_user_name]/.ts3client) Note that the folder is Hidden. If you don't want to navigate it using Terminal, go to Finder, and select Go --> Go to Folder... and enter the full path /Users/[user_name]/.ts3client

    Note: Newer versions uses the folder
    ~/Library/Application\ Support/TeamSpeak\ 3/
    instead. Note"\ " means space (shell escaped for bash)
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