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    Unhappy Server disconnects


    I have the same problem like this guy:

    All stuff works on the server perfect but the teamspeak 3 server not, 10 - 30 user get sometimes a disconnects (connection lost) after 1 sec all peoples are back but why?

    I install the server new and the Teamspeak server to but nothing works pls need help.
    for the date 27 is not logt -.-

    2011-07-25 21:34:56.497599|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected 'eXtreme aTTack | HoErKe'(id:27) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'
    2011-07-25 21:34:56.498846|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected 'eXtreme aTTack | Jack'(id:227) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'
    2011-07-25 21:34:56.499973|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected '2DOR'(id:9) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'
    2011-07-25 21:34:56.501083|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected 'eXtreme aTTack | DieHunD'(id:17) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'
    2011-07-25 21:34:56.502082|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected 'Closed.Beta1.0'(id:675) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'
    2011-07-25 21:34:56.503220|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected 'hEctoriuZ'(id:891) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'
    2011-07-25 21:34:56.504269|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected 'd0ubLe..'(id:894) reason 'reasonmsg=connection lost'
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